Eating breakfast may not be a good strategy for weight loss

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Breakfast may not be the most important meal of the day after all: skipping it could help dieters to lose weight, according to a study. However, they argue that "currently, the available evidence does not support modifying diets in adults to include the consumption of breakfast as a good strategy to lose weight".

Yet a balanced breakfast can have many upsides for both adults and children: it delivers nutrients, provides energy to start the day, and may improve cognition and mood.

"If a person likes to eat breakfast, that is fine... there is no reason to change", she said.

Scientists from the Monash University in Melbourne looked at 13 controlled trials of mostly United Kingdom and U.S. subjects from over the past 28 years, and analysed the data. As per the findings of the study, the total daily energy intake was found to be higher in groups who ate breakfast compared with those who skipped it regardless of their usual breakfast habits.

Indeed, the NHS claims that: "Research suggests people who eat breakfast are slimmer because they tend to eat less during the day - particularly fewer high-calorie snacks".

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The authors did acknowledge that more research is needed before we can actually establish strong and well-informed guidelines. Therefore, it also means that anyone Who wants to lose weight, is to fill the stomach in the morning. On average, those who skipped breakfast were a pound lighter than those who did not.

'Further high-quality randomised controlled trials are needed to substantiate whether those individuals seeking to lose weight should skip or consume breakfast and the role of breakfast eating in an overall weight management approach.

Previous research has shown weight loss benefits of sticking to a morning meal.

Spector also noted the growing popularity and scientific weight behind time-restricted eating, a form of intermittent fasting where adherents limit their food intake to a particular window of time every day - those on the 16:8 diet, for example, fast for 16 consecutive hours every 24 hours, and eat all their meals within the remaining eight.

In reality - the results found very small differences in weight between those who ate breakfast and those who did not.

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There is no good evidence to support the idea that eating breakfast promotes weight loss.

They also failed to find a link between people skipping breakfast and subsequently feeling hungrier later in the day.

"But plan what you have as it's far better to take breakfast with you than to grab a chocolate muffin and a latte from the nearest coffee shop when you get hungry later".

It has previously been suggested that eating breakfast may help with weight loss because of the efficient burning of calories early in the day preventing overeating later on. But, overweight people who eat breakfast should be encouraged to count the calories they consume during the morning and see how they fit in with the rest of their meals throughout the day. And nor will opting for avocado, rolled oats and other healthy breakfast options help if they're supersized portions.

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