Trump blasted by social media for not understanding climate change

Trump mocks global warming in tweet amid Midwest chill

Trump warns Midwest about frigid temps, asks global warming to 'please come back fast'

"People can't last outside even for minutes", he tweeted.

As far as how it affects people, Trump's own administration released a scientific report last year saying that while human-caused climate change will reduce cold weather deaths "in 49 large cities in the United States, changes in extreme hot and extreme cold temperatures are projected to result in more than 9,000 additional premature deaths per year" by the end of this century if greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise at recent rates. He also spelled global warming as "Global Waming" giving enough hint that his past goofups with spellings haven't yet taught him a lesson. "Please come back fast, we need you".

She tweeted: "Global warming is a warming World".

In December 2017, the president suggested that global warming doesn't exist - but, once again, thought it could help against the cold.

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"There he goes again", tweeted New York Times climate reporter Henry Fountain.

Twitter users, assuming "waming" for "warming", slammed the President, with one Twitter user stating, "Are you really this ignorant about climate change?"

Economic changes wrought by climate change will hit the hardest in areas that supported President Donald Trump in the 2016 election, a new study from the Brookings Institution shows.

As the Associated Press reported, "weather refers to the atmospheric conditions during a shorter period, while climate is a longer view of weather patterns".

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"Greetings, The rest of the world", he replied, followed by a map showing current world temperatures.

There are many reasons Trump may be against addressing climate change, but one thing is clear: he doesn't understand the science behind it.

Despite Trump's claims, 2018 was among the hottest on record across the globe and the planet is expected to get hotter according to experts.

The Earth's temperature has changed drastically in its 4.5 billion-year history, from the Huronian Ice Age that covered vast portions of the planet in ice for almost 300 million years, to a period about 50 million years ago, when scientists believe that palm trees and crocodiles were native above the Arctic Circle.

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It's not the first time the president has gotten major climate change facts wrong.

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