Electronic Art’s and BioWare’s Anthem Has Officially Gone Gold

Pre-load Anthem today and start playing a demo of the game tomorrow

You can now pre-download Anthem's VIP Demo on Xbox One before the rush OnMSFT.com OnMSFT.com

On January 25, everyone who has pre-ordered the game or has an active EA Access subscription can join the VIP demo.

BioWare's upcoming third-person shooter RPG, Anthem, is scheduled to release for Xbox One, PS4, and PC on February 22.

While BioWare has talked about and showed off Fort Tarsis for Anthem as the game's "hub" where quests are snatched up, and the story can be moved forward, some might assume that it'll work like the Tower in Destiny where you could interact with other online players, which isn't the case.

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The demo will consist of some missions and a small part of the Anthem world that players are free to explore. There, you'll be given codes that allow your friends to do exactly what you did to get into the Anthem VIP demo.

Crucially, those invited can pick any of the three platforms to play on, regardless of what your chosen version is.

When does the Anthem demo end? If you can't see the page despite having access to the demo, try to launch the client at least once before rechecking the page.

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The Anthem demo ends on on January 27 at 6pm PT (7:30am IST).

If you go the preorder route, go to to their Anthem Demo website and plug in your VIP demo code. And the story itself will unfold over time based on how you play the game. However, you won't be able to play it just yet, as it's set to go live on the 25th January. The game is a pretty hefty download (44GB PC, 26 PS4, 23 XB1).

Anthem players on PC will be happy to know that the recently announced requirements for the full game also apply to the demo.

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Unfortunately, however, only VIP demo participants will receive an exclusive in-game item that can be used in the full game. Hudson and the BioWare team will actively seek out commentary and suggestions for "Anthem" as it is "the beginning of an ongoing story".

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