Qualcomm refused to supply processors for iPhones

Apple Considered Samsung Media Tek to Supply 5G Modems for 2019 iPhones

Apple demanded $1 billion for chance to win iPhone: Qualcomm CEO

If Apple can't secure Qualcomm modems in the imminent 5G era and have to depend on Intel, then it could take a long time before 5G iPhones could materialize.

Qualcomm, meanwhile, faces a United States antitrust case brought by the Federal Trade Commission which accuses it of abusing a monopoly on mobile chip technology in a trial that could have a major impact on the smartphone industry.

What is interesting though is that Williams revelation quite belies earlier held notions that Apple has unilaterally decided against using Qualcomm modems for its latest crop of iPhones.

Qualcomm is on trial in San Jose, California, right now, accused by the FTC of monopolistic practices such as charging too high a fee for royalty payments. "We have been unable to get them to support us on new design wins past that time [that Apple filed suit]", said Williams according to Apple Insider. Recall that in December a year ago, Qualcomm won a lawsuit in the German District Court in Munich, allowing it to enforce a ban on the sale of older iPhones in Germany.

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Qualcomm executives denied these claims and stated in numerous occasions that they were always open to work with Apple.

Intel is not expected to have a 5G chip until 2020 which may be the reason why Apple will reportedly release its 5G handset much later than its competition.

The review board announcements involve just the first of dozens of challenges filed by Apple and Intel at the review board against Qualcomm, and are just a few of the vast portfolio Qualcomm owns in the area of mobile telecommunications.

Qualcomm wanted to have something low enough that it did not impede progress even if it became a commercial product and it wanted to see the product used as broadly as possible earth wide. The two entities have been battling themselves since January 4 2019 and FTC wrapped up its case against Qualcomm on Tuesday. Apple was also free to pursue other suppliers, but would lose the incentive in that case. The regional court of Mannheim decided that iPhones infringe Qualcomm's patents to circuit technology and dismissed the lawsuit. He did agree that the company signed an agreement with Qualcomm in return for heavy rebates and parted ways with Intel in 2013 to honor the deal.

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"The strategy was to dual source in 2018 as well".

A German court has thrown out a patent suit filed by U.S. chipmaker Qualcomm against Apple, in an initial verbal decision.

Apple said the most current requirement for modems were meant for fitment on the iPhone XS, XS Max and the XR.

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