US congresswoman Gabbard will run for President

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard D-Hawaii greets supporters Tuesday Nov. 6 2018 in Honolulu

Tulsi Gabbard Announces She’s Running for President AP

"I have chose to run and will be making a formal announcement within the next week", the Iraq war veteran said in an interview with CNN that is scheduled to air on Saturday. Senator Elizabeth Warren of MA has already formed an exploratory committee and is moving quickly with trips across early primary states. Both Sludge and The Intercept said Gabbard's office did not respond to requests for comment. She was one of a handful of Democrats who met with Trump during the presidential transition, amid speculation that she could become United Nations ambassador or secretary of state.

These issues include health care access, criminal justice reform and climate change. She is said to have supported in 2014 a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage nationwide, but later reversed her opinion and applauded a Supreme Court decision to legalise gay marriage across the US. "There are a lot of challenges that are facing the American people that I'm concerned about and that I want to help solve", Gabbard reportedly said in the CNN interview.

While The Intercept's analysis of Gabbard's financial records showed several donors tied to "Sangh Parivar-a network of religious, political, paramilitary, and student groups that subscribe to the Hindu supremacist, exclusionary ideology known as Hindutva", Shankar reports that "Gabbard has begun to distance herself from the Sangh affiliates-at least publicly", noting speculation that the congresswoman, a member of the House committees on Foreign Affairs and Armed Services and co-chair of the India Caucus, meant to run for president.

The 37-year-old Iraq War veteran was born in American Samoa and is the first Hindu to serve in Congress. She comes from a multicultural, multi-religious family and, as a practicing Hindu, was the first Hindu elected to Congress.

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Other Democrats, including billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer and former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, have declined to run in 2020.

As one of our loyal readers, we ask you to be our partner. "Look forward to being able to get into this and to talk about it in depth when we make our announcement". Bernie Sanders' highest-profile supporters, aligning herself with his populist economic message.

Gabbard threw her support behind Sanders' 2016 presidential campaign ― an endorsement that led her to publicly resign from her role as vice chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee.

A fourth-term lawmaker from Hawaii, Gabbard, along with newer first-time Representatives such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex and Rashiada Tlaib, is among the new set of Democrat insurgents who are challenging the traditional power structure in the Party with their radical leftist approach.

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"I think that after seeing [Gabbard's] continued lack of fighting for human and civil rights, that this was - for our members across the state - enough was enough", he said. She has visited early primary and caucus states New Hampshire and Iowa in recent months and has written a memoir that's due to be published in May.

She also met Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, a meeting she claimed was "important" to "achieve peace" for the Syrian people.

Rania Batrice will manage Gabbard's campaign. Kamala Harris. Former Maryland Rep. John Delaney has already announced a campaign.

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