How Netflix is Trying to Stop the 'Bird Box Challenge'

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Bird Box Challenge compels Netflix to issue danger warning

But recently, Bird Box has inspired something odd and risky: a "challenge" in which fans of the film put on blindfolds and attempt to navigate their surroundings - just like Bullock's Malorie and the two children she cares for, Boy and Girl, do in the film.

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Netflix has asked fans of its popular movie Bird Box to stop a challenge in which people do things while blind folded, over fears they could end up injured in hospital.

The horror movie starring Sandra Bullock has also spawned hilarious memes revolving around its plot and use of blindfolds, which have dominated social media for weeks. One early video, recirculated on a few meme accounts, shows a dad accidentally walking his toddler into a wall while trying to recreate one of the movie's blindfolded scenes.

The "Bird Box Challenge" invites people to try the same thing - which, as you can imagine, is pretty unsafe.

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Still though, no matter how you feel about the film or the reams of people who are clearly going to end up in hospital because of it, there is something about the story's original ending that pretty much changes everything.

Netflix's call for moderation - but not abstention - from the craze came after thousands of videos were posted online showing people stumbling around houses, stairs and woods with scarves wrapped round their eyes.

Netflix has sent a warning to viewers thinking of participating in a Bird Box-inspired challenge.

Some people have even gone a full 24 hours blindfolded in an attempt to live a full day in the life of "Bird Box".

To avoid such a fate, Bullock's character and her children - named only Boy and Girl - travel blindfolded.

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Bird Box is a post-apocalyptic movie where a family has to go on a unsafe journey completely blindfolded to avoid getting killed by a risky monster that captures you through eyesight.

Obviously, no one wants to be associated with a person who accidentally gets hit with a vehicle or chops off a finger for an internet challenge, so we get it.

Bird Box is now streaming on Netflix.

On Jan. 3, the unnamed owner of the property told TMZ that a "handful" of visitors have visited it every day since the film was released on December 13 for their very own photo-ops. On the other hand, this time past year the kids were swallowing Tide pods because of an internet dare so this feels marginally safer.

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