Windows 10 overtakes Windows 7

Windows 10 Start Screen

Windows 10 surpasses Windows 7 to become most popular desktop OS

Interestingly, Windows' market share as a whole declined slightly between November and December, falling from 87.03 percent to 86.2 percent.

It's important to mention that, although this issue will lead to the deactivation of the built-in Windows 10 Administrator, this account should not be used on a daily basis given that all Microsoft operating systems have it disabled by default since Windows 7.

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Celebrations at Microsoft will, however, be muted, since there are only 12 months left to get those Windows 7 hold-outs onto the preferred version 10 platform. Last Windows 10 update rolled out in December, 2018.

Except there will. If you're willing to pony up the cash, Redmond will keep those updates coming for another three years via paid-for Windows 7 Extended Security Updates (ESU) through January 2023. For business users especially this will be the case. That's not an easy job, for sure, but considering Windows 10 is now the most popular version of Windows, the complete shift will happen eventually. As of May, 2018, Windows 10 was running on 700 million devices. One year later, it admitted that prediction was overly optimistic-partly because of the demise of the Windows Phone.

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While it's true to say that Windows 10 is now the most popular desktop OS, it's still a very close run race. Microsoft has focused on creativity and productivity in Windows 10 for the past feature updates, and the company's focus will likely continue to be on productivity this year. Although Windows 10's usage rocketed up when the OS first launched, it's no secret the growth has slowed down ever since the end of the free upgrade offer for older versions of Windows.

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