USA fires tear gas at migrants on Mexican border

ICE Was Forced to Use Tear Gas on Another Load of Caravan Riders

ICE Was Forced to Use Tear Gas on Another Load of Caravan Riders

During a second attempt, migrants began to pass youngsters over razor wire used along the border to the United States side.

In November, U.S. border agents fired tear gas at a crowd of migrants moving toward the U.S. -Mexico border.

Border agents reportedly fired tear gas into Mexican territory to deter the migrants who were allegedly throwing rocks at the border agents.

In addition to rock-throwers, the migrants also began to try to push women and children from among their group forward onto the border boundary, US officials said, forcing some juveniles to climb over razor wire that the American government has posted in recent weeks as a deterrent to unruly crowds itching to jump the border. "Initial reporting indicates that once the attempted illegal entry was thwarted by agents, the mob began pushing women and minors to the front, forcing minors to climb risky concertina wire, and encouraged conveniently invited media to begin filming their illegal acts".

Twenty-five of the migrants, including two teenagers, were arrested after making it over the border fence.

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Mohammed Salem / Reuters A migrant from Honduras, part of a caravan of thousands of Central Americans, jumps from the border fence to cross into the us, in Tijuana, Mexico, Jan. 1.

When they were spotted, some of the migrants became violent and began to throw rocks at the agents, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

USA security forces have engaged with migrants at the country's southern border with Mexico. CBP estimated that about 150 migrants attempted to sneak into the United States illegally.

CBP says the measures weren't aimed at the migrants and "successfully suppressed the rock throwers causing them to flee the area".

On Nov. 26, Border Patrol agents also launched tear gas into Mexico to repel migrants that had broken away from a peaceful protest and attempted to cross the border illegally.

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Border Protection told AP that its Office of Professional Responsibility will be assessing the incident to see if the amount of force used was justified.

The incursion took place at a spot where there is border fencing, but it's a very old version that's relatively easy to penetrate. The majority of migrants returned to Mexico. Others have found jobs in Mexico and tried to settle there.

Waldman, however, used the incident on January 1, to prop up US President Donald Trump's idea of a $5bn border fence on the border with Mexico.

A Reuters witness documented in one photo where a migrant had been hit by what appeared to be a gas canister. The stalemate has led to a partial government shutdown.

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