Man Triggers Police Operation After Shouting 'Why Don't You Die?' at Spider

Australian man tries to kill spider, prompting full police response

Australian police scramble to screams of murder - find man killing spider

A man in Perth, Australia, is apologizing to cops and neighbours after a full police response was triggered by his yelling "why don't you die" at a spider in his home.

Wanneroo Police have since deleted the post, as it contained police communications, but confirmed to the Guardian that the freakish incident had occurred.

A concerned passerby called the police after they heard the screaming, coupled with a toddler's cries.

The log eventually reveals that the police later spoke with the residents and found out that the man had been trying to kill a spider, but was screaming because of his "serious fear of spiders".

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Wanneroo Police spokesman Samuel Dinnison told the BBC, "It's just one of those jobs where you go expecting to see one thing and see another".

Arachnophobia - that is, the unreasonable fear of spiders - isn't illegal, but it could still bring the police to your door if you scream loud enough.

"It's great that it's only an incident involving a spider".

The Wanneroo police Twitter account posted a screenshot of the police log of the incident on Wednesday morning.

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In 2015, a similar incident occurred in Sydney when police attended a house to find a "quite embarrassed" man throwing furniture at a spider, alone.

Australia is known to have some of the most unsafe spiders in the world, although most of the 2,900 species are harmless.

In 2016, YOU reported that an Eastern brown snake - one of the most venomous snakes in the world - was bested by a fearsome Australian redback spider, also highly venomous, and rated among the 10 deadliest creatures Down Under.

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