January 2019 Free Games for PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold

PlayStation Plus January 2019 Free Games Revealed

The Division Is Free For PS Plus Subscribers During January 2019

If you're looking for more post-Christmas game deals that might help to pad out your library this year, the January Playstation Plus games lineup has been announced by Sony.

Another title that will be free to PS Plus members is Portal Knights, a 3D sandbox action RPG.

As well as the two main heavy hitters, PS3 users will be happy to hear that they're receiving both the Harmonix-developed Audiosurf-like Amplitude and Zone of the Enders HD Collection. Or you can check out all of them instead, as they all are available for free!

North Korea ordered to pay $500 million over Otto Warmbier's death
The internationally isolated country is likely to have nearly no assets in the US that could be seized to satisfy the judgment. North Korea has denied any ill-treatment Warmbiers and explained that the Student had contracted a serious food poisoning.

The PlayStation Classic has gone on sale with as much as 40 percent shaved off its $99.99 price tag. Are you excited for any of the games included with PS+ for January 2019? In January 2019, we'll have the opportunity to download six games via PlayStation Plus.

Sony PlayStation fans are not happy with the selection of pre-installed games.

If none of those games tickle your fancy, keep in mind that Warframe is always free, and right now all PlayStation Plus subscribers are eligible to redeem a Warframe booster pack.

NBC News Misfires On Article Slamming Trump For Not Visiting Troops
To reporters, he lamented the wear and tear of overseas conflicts. "Now, we're doing it right and we're going to finish it off". Trump criticized his predecessor, Obama, for withdrawing troops too quickly from Iraq, claiming it allowed for ISIS' rise.

The PlayStation Classic is a remake of the original PlayStation console, and it has a number of "classic" games pre-installed.

PlayStation Plus free games represent a special gift from Sony, dedicated to all the gamers in the world who would like to play again some of the popular titles released over the time. Also available for download on that day are the exclusive Toro Winter Dynamic Theme and Premium Musical Notes Final Fantasy Sound Selection. Stay tuned with TechnoCodex for more updates.

Saudi Arabia demotes foreign minister in wake of Khashoggi case
Al Jubeir played a key role in putting a face on the Saudi response to Khashoggi's killing at its Istanbul consulate. Senate, however, passed a unanimous resolution saying it believes the crown prince is to blame for the murder.

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