Brexit: More assurances for MPs possible says May

Theresa May and Jean Claude Juncker

FURY Theresa May and Jean Claude Juncker had an angry exchange in Brussels

Tensions are running high in Brussels, following a confrontation between Theresa May and President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker.

Arriving at a meeting of European leaders in Brussels on Friday morning, May was filmed approaching Juncker and having what looked like a frosty exchange with the EU chief, in which she appeared to say, "You called me nebulous".

The Prime Minister said: "I had a robust discussion with Jean-Claude Juncker - I think that's the sort of discussion you're able to have when you have developed a working relationship and you work well together".

She said that the country "will face serious trouble" if MPs "dig in against the prime minister's deal".

"Rather than ploughing ahead and dangerously running down the clock, the prime minister needs to put her deal to a vote next week so Parliament can take back control". "Yes, I've said that in my heart I would love to be able to lead the Conservative party into the next general election, but I think it is right that the party feels it would prefer to go into that election with a new leader", the Prime Minister said. "We can add some clarifications but there will be no renegotiations".

European Union officials say the British should be satisfied with their pledge to move quickly in negotiations over a subsequent free trade deal.

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At a Leave Means Leave rally in London on Friday, Mr Farage told the BBC it was "outrageous" another referendum could happen, but added: "I can see where we're going".

We often find ourselves in a nebulous, vague debate and it is time we got clarity.

The UK press seemed to enjoy the actions of the oft-maligned PM, with tabloid newspaper The Sun saying she was giving Mr Juncker "an earful", while the Daily Mail compared her actions to those of former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher when she "handbagged" European Union leaders in 1984.

But Hunt says a version of May's deal could still get through the House of Commons.

"And we really appreciate the efforts by the Prime Minister to ratify our common agreement".

"We have to bring down the temperature", he said.

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"These attacks coming from Westminster against Europe and the European Commission will not be responded to in the same way by Europe and the European Commission, although I would like to do it".

"They should not forget they are elected to represent their citizens and not to just have their personal, political future thinking about that".

"They are doing what they always do".

But Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said: "The last 24 hours have confirmed that Theresa May's Brexit deal is dead in the water".

The pair has a public bust-up after reports that the European Commission president had called May "nebulous".

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