New NASA lander captures 1st sounds of Martian wind

InSight is designed to study the interior of Mars like never before using seismology instruments to detect quakes and a self-hammering mole to measure heat escape from the planet's crust

NASA Recorded the Sounds of Mars (And It's Almost All Creepy Bass)

The air pressure sensor, which will collect meteorological data, recorded these air vibrations directly. These are the first sounds from Mars that are detectible by human ears, according to the researchers.

The second is a seismometer sitting on the lander's deck, awaiting deployment by InSight's robotic arm, which records vibrations that move over the landers 7 metre solar panels.

"Today we can see the first glimpses of our workspace", Bruce Banerdt, the mission's principal investigator at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said in a news release.

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What does Mars sound like?

NASA's Viking 1 and 2 landers also picked up signals of the Martian wind when they landed in 1976.

These images will help mission team members determine where to set InSight's seismometer and heat flow probe - the only instruments ever to be robotically placed on the surface of another planet. It will also record the sound of the instrument's laser as it zaps different materials, helping to identify the material based on the sound it makes. It's like InSight is cupping its ears and hearing the Mars wind beating on it.

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The agency said that in next few weeks its Insight lander will also detect the effect of quakes or tremors on Mars, also called Marsquakes, which will provide a deeper insight into the the red planet's interior and possibly about the formation of planets including earth.

The noise is of the wind blowing against InSight's solar panels and the resulting vibration of the entire spacecraft. NASA refers to the craft's task of learning about the planet's seismic waves as "taking the planet's pulse". The scheduled Mars 2020 Rover will have on board microphones for the objective of recording the sound of the landing.

The lander is also sharing numerous photos on its Twitter account and sharing information about its progress on Mars.

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