France to Deploy 89,000 Police to Prevent Violence During Protests

Paris riots continue despite fuel tax delay

'We Are In a State of Insurrection': Deep Inequality and Macron's Dedication to Elites Fuel Yellow Vest Uprising in France

Meanwhile, the French government hinted at more concessions to "Yellow vest" protesters on Thursday in a bid to head off another wave of violence in the capital over living costs and regain the initiative after weeks of civil unrest.

The demonstrations, which began on November 17, sparked on Saturday Paris' worst rioting in decades, with protesters clashing with police, setting fire to vehicles and looting shops around the capital's famed Champs Elysees avenue.

Some 89,000 security personnel will be deployed across the country on Saturday ahead of the fourth weekend of planned rallies, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said on Thursday.

He refused suggestions that he resign in the wake of the worst riots in Paris since 1968.

A poll on Tuesday found that 71 percent of French people were behind them, but the same proportion believed that the movement should stop if the government backed down on fuel tax hikes.

These so-called carbon taxes are expected to be a major part of pushing the world to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and try to prevent runaway climate change that economists say would be far more expensive over the long term than paying more for energy in the short term.

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Philippe told lawmakers he would consider new measures to help the lowest-paid workers.

President Emmanuel Macron must pursue tax-friendly policies towards foreign investors if he wants French startups to flourish, visiting Silicon Valley investors told Reuters on Thursday.

He urged "yellow vest" protesters to stay home for their own protection from those who could hijack the protests, after demonstrations in Paris last Saturday degenerated into rioting and looting.

The government is considering mobilising the military to protect important national monuments, French broadcaster BFMTV reported, after the world-famous Arc de Triomphe was damaged last week.

Philippe said the state would do all it could to maintain order. Two police union officials told The Associated Press they are anxious that radical troublemakers from both the far-right and far-left will hijack the protests to cause even greater damage this Saturday.

The Eiffel Tower, museums and shops will be closed Saturday and at least four first-division football matches have been canceled.

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Confirming that the fuel tax had been abandoned, he told senators that the calm of most protesters around the country contrasted with the "extreme violence" seen in Paris.

Security sources said the government was considering using troops now used on anti-terrorism patrols to protect public buildings.

One of the main measures implemented by the French government to boost business and investment after Macron's election previous year was to set a flat tax of 30 percent on all capital income and remove the top marginal band of payroll tax. "So far, we haven't seen an unexpected dip in tourism, people are still booking".

It's these "sans dents" (literally "without teeth"-a term of contempt reportedly used by former Socialist president Francois Hollande to describe the common people) who flocked to the cities to protest against the tax hikes".

The unrest has exposed the deep-seated resentment among non-city dwellers that Macron, whose popularity is now at about 20 per cent, is out-of-touch with the hard-pressed middle class and blue-collar workers.

Students opposing changes in key high school tests protested again Friday, a day after video that was shared widely on social media showed the arrest of high school pupils outside Paris and prompted an outcry.

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But violent troublemakers who pillage and riot - "that's something else", he also said.

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