Carbon emissions forecast to hit record levels this year

Tackling climate change could save millions of lives, report says

Save millions of lives by tackling climate change, says WHO

The report said that China's emissions increased with the rise in coal use, which accounts for about 60 percent of the country's total energy consumption and for 40 percent of climate change linked to greenhouse gas emissions. As far as finance is concerned, the rich nations have, so far, together pledged a meagre $10.3 billion to the Green Climate Fund (GCF) with merely one-third of it being available for developing countries as against the goal of $100 billion by 2020. She said that as mentioned in the report, "people, at the local level can make important changes that will help empower communities and also make significant changes at those local levels that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve health".

While the largest changes this year came from China and India, Democrats are urging the United States to play their part in decreasing emissions.

"This growth in global Carbon dioxide emissions puts the goals set out in the Paris Agreement in jeopardy", lead author Corinne Le Quere, director of the Tyndall Centre of Climate Change Research at the University of East Anglia, said in a statement.

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Citing a recent scientific report on the dire consequences of letting average global temperatures rise beyond 1.5 degrees, Guterres urged countries to cut their emissions by 45 per cent from 2010 levels by 2030 and aim for net zero emissions by 2050. That can be done by displacing fossil fuels with clean energy, electric vehicles and so on.

The trend indicates that if they fail to cut their emissions more drastically by 2020, the burden of mitigation will fall on developing countries, including India, post-2020 despite their much lower per capita emission as compared to the U.S. and 28 European Union (EU) nations. Due to India's growing economy, India's emissions grew by 6.3% and is expected to touch 2.62 billion tonnes, the report says.

In Europe the report projects a slight decrease in Carbon dioxide emissions of 0.7 per cent, although this represents a slowdown in the rate of decarbonisation from the two per cent annual average decline seen between 2004-2014.

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US emissions are projected to grow by about 2.5 percent in 2018, despite an otherwise downward trend-and continued declines for coal-in large part due to growth in oil and natural gas and a year marked by unusually severe winter and summer weather.

The increases follow a three-year hiatus from 2014-2016 when emissions were stable.

The report provides suggestions for the governments on how to deal with the climate change.

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"While there has been positive progress on clean energy and electric vehicles, this is now too small to impact the onward march of fossil fuels". For example, while the United Kingdom performed well on carbon pricing, electric vehicles and renewables, it lags behind on carbon capture and storage capability (CCS), according to the analysis, which was commissioned by energy firm Drax. The report was authored by 76 scientists from 57 research institutions in 15 countries. The challenge, as always, is to ensure that progress is emulated on the global stage.

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