Angela Merkel's plane makes emergency landing

Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Merkel's plane makes emergency stop, tech issues reported

A replacement German air force plane was being prepared to carry Merkel and her entourage to the G-20 meeting, which starts Friday in the Argentine capital. However, "we will not be proceeding today", Merkel's spokeswoman said, meaning that the chancellor would miss the Friday opening of the summit.

The report said that the fire brigades were dispatched in the event of a hard landing.

He stressed, however, that there was no danger to the people on board.

German government planes, operated by the country's air force, have been plagued by technical problems in recent years.

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The cause of the troubles was "the failure of a single component", an electronic distributor box, said Colonel Guido Henrich, commander of the government air fleet.

A senior journalist with the public national television ZDF said Merkel would spend Thursday night in Bonn. The media contingent who had been traveling with her will remain in Germany.

Several firefighting vehicles were on stand-by as Merkel's plane landed because it had more fuel on board than is customary during landing, dpa reported.

Delegation sources said efforts were underway to organise new flights for Merkel and Finance Minister Olaf Scholz, possibly on a commercial carrier. News portal Spiegel Online reported the plane suffered a complete failure of its communication system that left the crew without contact with ground control.

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No details were given about the technical problem.

"It was a serious malfunction", Merkel told reporters hours later, after the delegation was brought to a hotel in Bonn.

The armed forces, which complains of being overstretched and underfunded, has always been dogged by a series of equipment failures that have also grounded fighter jets and kept submarines and tanks out of service.

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