Police investigating attack on 'Syrian refugee' on school playing field

Money has been raised for the boy and his family after claims that he was 'waterboarded&apos at school. Credit Facebook

Money has been raised for the boy and his family after claims that he was 'waterboarded&apos at school. Credit Facebook

Tonight Kirklees Council said alleged incidents at Almondbury Community School are "very serious matters" and that they are fully focused on their work with the police and the school.

The schoolboy thought to be responsible for an attack on a young Syrian refugee which was captured on video has shared posts from the Facebook page of Tommy Robinson in the past. "I woke up at night and just started crying because of this problem".

Akunjee said it was another example of bullying and caused the boy's broken arm, requiring the cast seen in the video. Sometimes I say to my dad, "I don't want to go to school anymore".

The page had raised more than £31,000 (around $39,500) by Monday morning in support of the Syrian boy, who reportedly fled his hometown of Homs, which was beseiged by the Syrian regime from 2011 till 2014, with his family.

-Throughout the campaign I have increased the target of the funds and I will continue to do so as I feel it is important that we raise as much money as possible for the family.

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In the fallout, a GoFundMe page was set up to help Jamal and his family and it has so far raised more than £90,000 ($157,000).

The police said they have been investigating the 25 October incident since it happened.

The boy said that he was being routinely bullied at the school and he had brought this to the attention of the school administration, but no action was taken.

The harrowing clip, which has gone viral, was posted on social media by Mohammed Khan, who was dismayed that anybody could commit such a shocking act on the 15-year-old refugee, whose name is said to be Jamal, according to the Huddersfield Examiner.

Tasnime Akunjee, a solicitor representing the family, told the Guardian they were considering moving away from the area and had received offers to be rehomed in Oxford.

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"The incident occurred on 25 October this year and has been subject to thorough investigation since it was reported to us the day after".

Huddersfield's Labour MP Barry Sheerman has taken to social media to voice his horror, saying he had been supporting the teenager's family.

The incident occurred last month but it is being highlighted now after being shared thousands of times on social media by people angry at the lack of action by the school.

"The incident had not previously been reported to the police but we are now liaising with the girl's family who we are continuing to support".

He said: "It is not just the police, it is the school themselves".

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"We are not able to comment further as we are supporting the police with their investigation but I want to be clear that we do not tolerate unacceptable behaviour of any sort in our school".

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