Cuomo calls on House Dems to back Pelosi: There is no alternative

Pelosi's opponents counting on chaos to deny her speakership

Dagen McDowell: Pelosi May Be 'Out of Touch,' But She Knows That 'Money Talks'

"If it becomes as a choice between a Republican and Nancy Pelosi, I'll obviously support Nancy Pelosi", Lynch told a local TV station.

Pelosi, who was the first female House speaker before Republicans gained the majority, first needs to pick up a majority of the Democratic Caucus in internal leadership elections, then go on to win an "absolute majority" of votes cast on the House floor.

Rep. -elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 29-year-old darling of progressives, said this week that she is leaning toward supporting Pelosi: "I would like to see new, younger leadership, but I don't want new leadership that's more conservative".

The caucus' threat to withhold nine votes along with the 16 members who signed a letter last week could be a potential roadblock for Pelosi.

Another Democrat who has threatened to vote on the House floor against Nancy Pelosi for speaker seemed to soften that stance on Sunday, giving the California Democrat the appearance of momentum before a key test vote on Wednesday.

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So far around two dozen Democrats have said they will not vote for Pelosi, but many of those members have not specified whether they would vote against Pelosi in the caucus meeting or on the House floor, making an exact count of her detractors hard to nail down.

By announcing that this will be her last term, Pelosi would make herself the kingmaker (or queenmaker), while remaining the disciplinarian Democrats urgently need. This, and the absence of an announced opponent - they aren't about to vote for Republican Kevin McCarthy, Calif. - essentially means their goal is deadlock.

Davids and other incoming freshmen will be crucial to Pelosi's bid to retake the gavel, which she gave up in 2011 after a wave of Republican wins in the 2010 midterms gave the GOP control of the House.

Foster's scenario to deny Pelosi her second speakership only works if Foster and his small gang of plotters maintain their leverage.

But when the full House elects its new leaders January 3, the speaker will need a majority 218 votes, assuming that no one votes "present" or misses the vote and Republicans oppose her en masse, as seems likely.

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Moulton, a Marine veteran, said earlier he hopes it will be "a chaotic debate" for new leadership because "that would be healthy for the party". Her prodigious fundraising and the message discipline she helped impose propelled House Democrats to their biggest gains since 1974.

Pelosi's critics, earlier this month, unveiled a letter signed by 16 Democrats, including five freshmen, vowing to oppose her. Pelosi, though, seems certain to have enough support to become her party's nominee for speaker when House Democrats vote by secret ballot on November 28.

Twice over the past two years since Trump was elected, Democrats have tried to force votes on impeachment proceedings, winning a high-water mark of more than 60 supporters, far from the 218 needed.

Pelosi will meet with Democrats in the Problem Solvers Caucus on Tuesday, according to a senior Democratic aide.

"I'm probably more of a target than anybody, except for somebody who runs for President", she added. He said he encouraged those members to change their positions sooner rather than later if they were going to do so, given the likelihood that Pelosi will become speaker. "Our victory has sprung not only from the quality of our candidates and the strength of our message, which one news report said was delivered 'like a jackhammer, ' but also from the mobilization of the outside groups that helped carry that message". By the end, she had promised that his two top legislative priorities - a bill to allow people over 50 to buy in to Medicare and a $1 trillion infrastructure measure - would be top agenda items in the next Congress.

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