Turkey's Foreign Minister Accuses Trump Of Turning 'Blind Eye' To Khashoggi's Murder

Trump has glossed over the Central Intelligence Agency's reported conclusion that the crown prince had authorised the killingMore

Trump has glossed over the Central Intelligence Agency's reported conclusion that the crown prince had authorised the killingMore

Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi was killed on October 2 while visiting the Saudi Consulate in Ankara, Turkey.

Tunisian activists have called for holding protests during Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's upcoming visit to the north African country over the killing of dissident Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

A recent Central Intelligence Agency analysis leaked to the USA media reportedly pointed the finger at Prince Mohammed, though Saudi prosecutors have said he had no role in the killing.

To underscore the importance of Khashoggi's murder, the Crown Prince's National Transformation Programme has been downgraded by many hitherto-enthusiastic foreign subscribers.

On Thursday, Trump repeated his doubts, telling reporters the Central Intelligence Agency "did not come to a conclusion".

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"Maybe he did and maybe he didn't!"

Another prominent Republican, Senator Rand Paul, added "Let's put America first, not Saudi Arabia", while Khashoggi's old employer the Post said in an editorial that Trump's position meant "a world where dictators know they can murder their critics and suffer no consequences".

For its part, Saudi Arabia has said that 21 people are in custody, with death penalties sought against five men.

After offering numerous contradictory explanations, Riyadh said last week Khashoggi had been killed and his body dismembered when negotiations to persuade him to return to Saudi Arabia failed.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE, at war in Yemen against Shiite Houthi rebels there since 2015, are also expected to take part in United Nations -led peace talks in Sweden next month.

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"The murder of Mr Khashoggi is a crime of extreme gravity, which moreover goes against freedom of the press and the most fundamental rights", the French foreign ministry said in a statement. "What he based this on, we don't know", he said, referring to the Crown Prince by his initials. "If there is a request, there could be a meeting but our president will decide".

The prince is also set to travel to the Tunisian capital on Tuesday.

A critic of MBS, Khashoggi had resisted pressure from Riyadh for him to return home.

It will be his first official trip overseas since Khashoggi was killed. He stated that the USA has already sanctioned 17 Saudis involved in the murder and the disposal of his body, as if it was enough, showing that he doesn't want to lose Saudi Arabia, as he needs their money.

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