2018 iPad Pro "Folds Like a Piece of Paper" in Bend Test

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iPad Pro 11 gets put through scratch, burn and bend testing - GSMArena.com news

Perhaps more significantly, a small number of users on the MacRumors forums are saying their iPad Pros are becoming misshapen from a normal amount of use - being carried in a backpack, typically.

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Given the new iPad Pro's dimensions, I'm not surprised it bends somewhat easily, though I'd argue that unless you're doing something silly with the tablet, you probably won't end up with a bent device. Most folks won't have to worry about seeing the iPad bend like this, unless they're aiming to break it on objective, but perhaps its thinness is a contributing factor to potentially damaging models in the future. The new iPad Pro is just the latest in his growing list of devices. While, yes, the iPad Pro is hardly pocket-sized, it's very easy to imagine things getting bendy if someone were to accidentally sit on one. Apple says the new iPad Pro is faster than 92 percent of mobile computers, including many Intel Core i7 processors.

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The YouTube video sees host Zack Nelson perform a series of tests that involves scratching, burning and bending the 11-inch iPad Pro (2018).

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To make matters worse, the battery inside the Apple Pencil isn't one of the lithium-ion types that are solid and flexible, the battery in the wirelessly charging Pencil has acid in it, and at one point in the video that acid squirts out. Beware placing the Apple Pencil in a pocket as it might not survive. That is, of course, absolutely ridiculous but it does highlight the uphill struggle Apple will face when trying to convince people that the iPad Pro is a potential computer replacement.

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