Comic writer and Marvel legend Stan Lee dead at 95


Legendary Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee has died

The result was the Fantastic Four.

Lee began his career in the comic book business in 1939, before revolutionising the industry by creating The Fantastic Four with Jack Kirby in 1961. They were filled with valuable lessons that normal people, not just superheroes could make a difference, and that we should stand up for those in need and not just for ourselves.

Stan Lee's World War II veteran tells off Thor for singing paeans to the strength of Asgardian liquor.

That "MC" stood for Marvel Comics.

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He made people cry with pride when they saw the Black Panther embrace his culture and defend his nation.

Comic book artist and freelancer for Marvel, Marco Rudy, said Lee's character the Silver Surfer resonated with him most. I loved this man & will never stop missing him. He made us laugh when things were bleakest, he let us in and made us feel like we were a part his family so that when he creatively took a chance and leaped off the precipice of that building, we were always right there with him. They were, no exaggeration, my only friends. In the words of Benjamin J. Grimm, "I gotta go now, I think I got somethin" in my eye.' C.B. #6 He had a brief stint with DC Comics Stan Lee is synonymous with Marvel Comics, but in the early 2000s, he actually had a brief stint with DC Comics.

I don't analyse things too closely.

"I felt someday I'd write the "Great American Novel" and I didn't want to use my real name on these silly little comics", Lee once said, explaining why he had forsaken his given name, Stanley Lieber. He's been the constant. From the small handful of X-Men created by Lee and Kirby, literally thousands of new mutant characters have followed. He was just everywhere.

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Chris Evans, who plays Captain America wrote: "There will never be another Stan Lee".

More important than the stories themselves are the characters like Spider-Man, Black Panther, and the X-Men, which quickly developed massive amounts of cultural traction. Still, he played an active role in MCU creations. His legacy is with me, physically, every day. President, SE Asia Pacific and Japan at Landor, Nick Foley, said Lee's passing is likely to add "more gravitas" to Marvel and this will only propel him to legendary status and immortalise him with future devotees of Marvel Comics. He returned in other iterations of Spider-Man, with the latest being Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Stan Lee was often cited as an inspiration by writers and artists alike.

"He showed people how to dream how to escape the problems that they have and their current situations", Jordan reflected. "He was a character as much as any he ever created", said former Marvel executive Shirrel Rhoades.

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