Democrats seek hearings on Trump's ouster of Sessions

Jeff Sessions forced out after months of Trump abuse over Mueller probe

Sen. Mark Warner on New AG: 'Chances of Mueller Getting Interfered With Goes Up Dramatically'

Organizers say the naming of acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker is a "deliberate attempt to obstruct the special counsel's investigation".

The crowd of about 4,000 formed in Times Square at about 5 p.m. and headed south on Broadway toward Union Square. More than 20,000 people RSVP'd for the Manhattan march. Last year Sessions recused himself from overseeing the Mueller probe, which has been a constant source of anger from the president.

Demonstrators in New York City chanted slogans including "Hands off Mueller" and "Nobody's above the law" before marching downtown.

Whitaker, a former US attorney who worked most recently as Sessions's chief of staff, has publicly criticized Mueller's investigation as too broad.

Trump had enjoyed Whitaker's cable TV appearances - including one on CNN in which he suggested that the Mueller probe be starved of resources - and the two men soon struck a bond.

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The Democrats said they also want the Justice Department to protect the integrity of Mueller's investigation and to preserve relevant documents.

"It is imperative that the Administration not impede the Mueller investigation", she tweeted.

A source close to the former attorney general told Fox News that Sessions is "considering it but his mind isn't made up".

The White House is bracing for the probe of Donald Trump's presidential campaign to fire up again. They include his former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, and his former lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Rosenstein has been overseeing the Mueller probe after Sessions recused himself from the investigation, but a Department of Justice spokeswoman said Whitaker would be "in charge of all matters under the purview" of the DOJ.

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Peter Welch, D-Vt., call for President Trump to include their initiatives in his plan to lower prescription drug prices in May. Mia Love (R-Utah) had not yet officially conceded her election when he tore into her for insufficiently embracing Trumpism.

"I'm confident the White House is looking for someone who the president and country can have confidence in, and be confirmed by the Senate", Graham said in a statement. Avoiding this step, meanwhile, would significantly increase the risk that Whitaker's supervision of the Mueller investigation will violate long-standing requirements-a risky behavior for the chief USA law enforcement officer to exhibit, even (or perhaps especially) if Whitaker may be acting at President Trump's implicit direction.

Cavuto said that Trump can fire or solicit resignations from anyone as chief executive. He said "there was so much smoke" surrounding Clinton that it made flawless sense for Trump take a meeting at which he expected to receive dirt on her. "You would have somebody from your campaign take the meeting to try to get the information", he said. They are going to go after him and you are seeing it already.

The protest was part of the nationally organized "Nobody is Above the Law" movement, which vowed to hold protests nationwide if President Donald Trump took any steps that could jeopardize special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation investigation. A Justice Department spokesperson has indicated that Whitaker will be assuming the full scope of the attorney general's responsibilities-including, it would seem, direct supervision of the Mueller investigation.

In an article for The Hill, Whitaker said that former FBI Director James Comey was "just wrong" to say that there was no case against her: "I was a federal prosecutor for five years and was proud to serve in the Department of Justice, and I would've brought that case". But now, Mueller will need to get Whitaker's sign-off for those and other major steps - which he could withhold.

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