Marsha Blackburn Prevails in Tennessee Senate Race

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Tennessee Republicans had a good night, clinching both of the marquee statewide races and further dimming Democrats' hopes of getting control of the U.S. Senate.

Republican Marsha Blackburn, a member of Congress since 2003, was declared the victor shortly after 9:00 on Tuesday night. Blackburn accused Bredesen of waiting to gauge how the vote would ultimately go before announcing his decision, and used the chaos of the hearings to remind Republicans that a vote for Bredesen was a vote for a Democratic majority - an argument that was apparently enough to win over moderate Republicans who had been backing the former governor because they deemed Blackburn too conservative. When Sen. Bob Corker retired, there was plenty of talk that the Dems would claim this seat. "Marsha Blackburn wants it to be a national referendum on Trump and Bredesen wants to deal with local Tennessee issues and solving problems". "I believe that the systemic racism we still see in this country towards people of color is terrifying, sickening and prevalent". Blackburn's campaign, meanwhile, shelled out about $12 million through mid-October, and outside groups some $31.6 million for her bid. This has been the most expensive Senate race in Tennessee history.

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The race between Blackburn, a longtime conservative firebrand, and Bredesen, the well-liked former governor who had been out of office almost a decade, became one of the most high profile, contentious and expensive races in the country.

Early polls had Bredesen in the lead.

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"My world view comes from me, not from the canons of the Democratic party", he told reporters Sunday after addressing an interfaith luncheon in Chattanooga. Even an endorsement from Taylor Swift couldn't push him over the top. Several networks called that race nearly immediately after polls closed in Tennessee. "If you're ready to try and move some things, to solve some problems, then I would be very pleased to represent the people of Tennessee one more time".

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