FBI Looking into Apparent Effort to Smear Special Counsel Mueller

FBI Investigating Claim GOP Operative Offered Woman $20K to Falsely Accuse Mueller of Sexual Assault: Report

Mueller Asks FBI to Investigate Claims Women Were Offered Cash to Make Allegations Against Him

As part of the ploy, Wohl is accused of creating a completely bogus company, "Surefire Intelligence", to pose as a private investigative agency to frame Mueller.

Who was approached to make a claim?

The Hill Reporter tried to investigate her claim, but she gave either a fake name or a fake home town, and after a reporter tried calling her he got a text message that said, "You're in over your head...."

The Atlantic followed up on Stedman's reporting later Tuesday, detailing another instance in which someone who worked for Surefire Intelligence, named Simon Frick, contacted the Vermont Law School professor Jennifer Taub and asked her how much money she would want in exchange for discussing her "past encounters" with Mueller.

Police release recent photos of Saudi sisters found dead in NYC river
The lack of obvious trauma appeared to rule out a theory they may have jumped into the river from the George Washington Bridge. The mother of the sisters, Rotana Farea (22) and Tala Farea (16 ), lives in Fairfax, Virginia.

Within minutes of Carr's statement, Burkman posted a video on Facebook announcing he plans to host a press conference in Arlington, Va., on Thursday focused on "the first of the sex assault victims of Robert Mueller".

As for Surefire Intelligence, it also appeared to be highly dubious. Reverse image searches on the LinkedIn photos of individuals listed as firm employees revealed the photos had been poached from those of actors, models and stock photo images.

The plot first came to light through one of the emails referred to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, sent to journalists on October 17 by a woman named Lorraine Parsons who said that a man had contacted her with questions about Mueller because she had worked as a paralegal with him at a law firm in 1974.

Speaking to Fast Company, Burkman says the allegations are "nonsense" and said that neither he nor anyone on his staff has spoken to the woman in question. There are also very serious allegations against Jacob Wohl.

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They agreed to work together to find Mann and his son, believing that Mann had entered the US illegally after taking the baby. Mann was living in Vernon, Conn. with his son who was born as Jermaine Mann but was unknowingly using a fake name in the U.S.

The Gateway Pundit posted documents earlier Tuesday that purported to contain allegations against Mueller.

However, he noted that the parties and judges all moved quickly; the appeals court responded with "remarkable speed" and even though there was an "unspecified procedural flaw", the matter was resolved in less than a week, when in other cases such a flaw would have taken weeks or months to resolve. He reportedly bankrolled an investigation into the death of a Democratic National Committee aide who was the subject of a conspiracy theory related to one thread in the Russian Federation investigation - a theory since debunked and retracted by some of its supporters. Wohl told The Daily Beast that Burkman had hired Surefire to assist with his investigation into Mueller's past, but denied knowing anything about the firm's involvement in an alleged plot to fabricate allegations against Mueller when asked why his email address appeared in the domain records.

The email offered money for information.

Mr Burkman has been critical of the Mueller probe and sought to raise funds for Rick Gates and Michael Flynn, two former Trump aides who pleaded guilty to charges brought against them by Mueller's team. Burkman's program is also carried by Newsmax TV, which is owned by Trump confidant Chris Ruddy.

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A game is being played to protect someone involved in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, the Turkish president has claimed. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Tuesday the probe into Khashoggi's killing must be completed quickly.

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