'Late Night' Writer Expertly Dissects Megyn Kelly's Racist Blackface Comments

Don Lemon Rips Megyn Kelly: 'There Has Never Been a Time in Her 47 Years That Blackface Has Been Acceptable' - WATCH

Megyn Kelly apologizes for defending blackface

She is now reportedly expected to end her show by the end of its current season.

Megyn Kelly's departure from NBC's Today show is in motion. Given the troubled history of the NBC-Kelly marriage, you're left to wonder if that was a routine matter of media types scrambling at an opportunity to show off their own wokeness or people seizing a chance to grind a disliked colleague's face in a high-profile pile of sh*t. Negotiations about the end date and other details are still underway.

Kelly went on to explain that she wants to help heal our country's divides, not exaggerate them.

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Wendy Williams isn't buying what Megyn Kelly is selling.

Kelly has signed with another agency, UTA, sources familiar with the deal told Mediaite.

Her audience gave her a standing ovation after the apology, a stark contrast from the response she received after her comments Tuesday.

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Kelly's fellow NBC hosts also condemned her comments during a segment on "Today" Wednesday morning, prior to her on-air apology. Kelly typically tapes the Friday broadcast of the program. "And in addition to her being a colleague, she's a friend". And absent from the discussion was any mention of the ugly history of blackface, a tradition spanning centuries meant to perpetuate racist stereotypes.

These NBC staffers routinely call Kelly's show a "disaster" and another disparaging terms. Many of her former Fox News Channel viewers were upset by a perceived disloyalty in leaving and her clashes with President Donald Trump during his campaign.

"The costume police are cracking down like never before", she said, ridiculing a college that suggested wearing a cowboy outfit was inadvisable.

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At the time, some other TV executives agreed. Kelly, known for airing questionable racial comments, wasn't against it. There was widespread concern that she was being miscast at NBC. After criticism surfaced about her costume, she said she was tanned and used a bronzer, but was not trying to appear in blackface. (For context, Lack reportedly spearheaded Kelly's move to the network from Fox News with a three-year contract worth a reported $69 million). And Kelly had some early stumbles, like an awkward exchange with Jane Fonda that made headlines for a long time afterward. Most importantly, the 9 a.m. show did not meet ratings expectations. In 2012, the network made a decision to bump co-anchor "Ann Curry" from its flagship "Today" program, and gave her time to bid farewell to viewers.

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