Congressman Who's Actually a Cherokee Nation Member Slams Warren

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren D-Mass. speaks during a town hall-style gathering in Woburn Ma

Trump calls Elizabeth Warren ‘total fraud,’ offers to give DNA test himself

"I still live on the Indian allotment land my family has".

According to Warren, while she does have cousins who are tribal citizens, she wished she was clearer on her heritage. "Let them have their story".

Monday night Warren tweeted, "At the end of the day, I trust the people of MA to look at the facts about who I am and how I've lived my life and make their own judgment about me". It won't. She is Pocahontas, in perpetuity.

The Boston Herald reported in April 2012 that her Native American heritage was "once touted by embattled Harvard Law School officials who cited her claim as proof of their faculty's diversity". Warren reportedly listed herself as a minority in a law school directory in 1990. When she worked for Harvard University Law School, she was listed as a minority professor.

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After the release of the test, Chuck Hoskin Jr., the Cherokee Nation Secretary of State, said in a statement that Warren was insulting their people. "I think I can beat her", Graham told Fox & Friends, referring to Warren's ancestral claims.

In the interview, the Cambridge Democrat, who has said she will "take a hard look" at running for president after November 6, placed the DNA results within the context of other recent moves she's made to open her background to outside scrutiny. The woman who comes to Okmulgee, Oklahoma, every year from Germany to visit Grandma for a month but brings with her money and gifts and steaks for the barbecue?

Many scientists believe DNA tests are imprecise, and Native American groups generally don't consider them relevant in claiming tribal heritage anyway. "She's half of that", Mullin noted. "But if she's less than one tenth of one percent, I think I can beat her", he added. And it is backfiring on her. "She was not looking to prove that she wanted to be part of the tribe", said Goldberg.

"What she ends up doing is just doubling down on this". "Here's something you won't 'forget, ' Mr. President: You're the least popular president in modern history & your allies will go down hard in the midterm elections. The facts are what they are".

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The President's latest triumph in this regard is the revelation of the results of Senator Elizabeth "Fauxcahontas" Warren's DNA test. They'll cover for Arizona Senate candidate Rep. Kyrsten Sinema saying that she didn't care if Americans joined the Taliban (CNN's headline: "Kyrsten Sinema's Anti-War Activist Past Under Scrutiny as She Runs for Senate").

"Thank you to the Cherokee Nation for revealing that Elizabeth Warren, sometimes referred to as Pocahontas, is a complete and total Fraud!"

Apparently, Trump's talent for making Democrats do dumb stuff began to work its magic, because Senator Warren had her DNA tested to prove she was indeed of Native American ancestry.

Warren's decision to share the DNA results is an unprecedented move by an American politician, and sets her apart from both Hillary Clinton - who resisted releasing personal information - and Trump, who continues to refuse to release his tax returns. Now Cherokee Nation denies her, "DNA test is useless".

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"At Disneyland today with Senator Elizabeth Warren", the former representative wrote, posting a picture of him standing next to a statue that depicts a Native American.

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