Beware of the message that will crash your PlayStation 4

Report PS4 Messaging Bug is Bricking Consoles

Report: PS4 Messaging Bug is Bricking Consoles

The offending messages apparently have the word "Juegas" and a unusual symbol that can't be recognized by the PS4. Others have reported similar problems after receiving a message with unrecognized characters.

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This exploit works by sending a message that contains a special character in it, the message will simply arrive at your PlayStation 4 as "Juegas ⍰ ♡", it doesn't even take opening the app for the issue to occur as you'll find your system locking up before hard crashing.

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If only it wasn't just bots on PSN that users need to worry about it seems that there is a new kind of messaging exploit that can be used by other players as a way to temporarily brick your console. The origin of the message is unknown, however the first recorded mention of the bug came from Reddit and all instances sighted so far seem to include three heart emojis followed by a question mark box symbol, which then causes the system to crash and brick. One user had it happen while playing Rainbow Six: Siege. All it takes is to keep your messages is to set your messages to private, meaning you can either only receive messages from registered friends or no one at all. You can do this on your console, web browser, or smartphone app. Messaging. On that last page, change "Messages" to either "Friends only" or "No one".

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At the time of writing, PlayStation has not acknowledged the bug or issued a solution, so to ensure your console is safe and avoid a factory reset, we recommend changing your settings. Fortune has reached out to Sony and PlayStation for comment, and will update this story in the event that they respond.

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