The first female Doctor Who is already a huge ratings hit

Image youtube  the late show with stephen colbert

Image youtube the late show with stephen colbert

It's a change from the usual tailored fashion of Barbie costumes: Whittaker's Doctor picks out her jumble of mismatched clothing at a charity shop. Most episodes of Doctor Who where we get to see the new Doctor in action are interesting.

"Essentially, every new Doctor is like getting a stepdad". It's a good sign, as Chibnall works best with these kind of emotionally complex ensemble dramas as opposed to fitting into the old mold of Doctor Who (just look at any of his previous episodes for the show). I loved the accent, that's an accent I grew up hearing which makes it all the better.

What did you think of the new Doctor Who premiere? "Because she's THE DOCTOR".

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This season features 10 stand-alone episodes; you have a huge series character arc for numerous characters, but if you come in at episode five, you'll get a stand-alone story which feels like a film.

"Well, my relationship with it is I'm now a very new Whovian". So much so, that fans are questioning why she had to die... why she's not one of the season 11 companions... and why the ok-but-much-less-interesting Graham gets to go along for the ride. It didn't come across as revolutionary other than seeing Whittaker in the role-and that's probably a good thing. Sure, the monster-of-the-week was slightly bland (it was basically a Predator, right?), but I guess that just helps keep the focus on the still-regenerating Doctor.

"If you've never seen the show before, this is a great season to start with. And certainly with this, this is made for fans, but its also made for people who haven't yet encountered this show, and we want to share that with them".

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We caught up with Whittaker to chat about what Whovians can expect from the new season, what it was like shooting part of the series in South Africa, and the challenges of doing her own stunts.

"Full of hope" she says immediately.

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