Conflicting Saudi, Turkish claims on Jamal Khashoggi whereabouts

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Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said his country will not pay Washington for its own security, saying his oil-rich kingdom was created even before the USA itself.

The Saudi envoy was called in on Wednesday, they said, to clarify the whereabouts of Khashoggi, a critic of Riyadh's foreign policy and its crackdown on dissent who left Saudi Arabia past year saying he feared retribution for his views.

It said Turkey's Deputy Foreign Minister Yavuz Selim Kiran told the ambassador that the issue "should be cleared up immediately".

Human rights groups are demanding Saudi Arabia clarify Khashoggi's whereabouts.

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The crown prince insisted that the kingdom has always paid for armaments from the US.

Protesters hold pictures of missing journalist Jamal Khashoggi during a demonstration in front of the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, on October 5, 2018.

In a statement, the Saudi consulate said it was cooperating with Turkish authorities to "uncover the circumstances" of Khashoggi's "disappearance". So we put that in that category, ' he said in response to U.S. leader's remarks. Presidential Spokesman İbrahim Kalın said earlier that they believe Khashoggi is still in the consulate. "We have nothing to hide". Despite the harsh words, the Trump administration has had a close relationship with Saudi Arabia, which it views as a bulwark against Iran's ambitions in the region. As a Post contributor, he frequently covered the Saudi regime's repressive tactics, and was particularly critical of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, a self-styled reformer who has arrested rivals and dissidents.

Yemeni activist and 2011 victor of the Nobel Peace Prize, Tawakkol Karman, hit out at the Saudi authorities, saying she believed Khashoggi "was kidnapped in this gangster's den that is supposed to be a consulate".

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Saudi Arabia ranked as one of the world's most censored countries.

In January 2016, Saudi authorities executed Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr, an outspoken critic of the policies of the Riyadh regime.

He has 1.6 million followers on Twitter and has the benefit of having once had intimate access both to the ruling family and to Osama bin Laden at different times in his life. Since the beginning of Saudi-US relations "we've bought everything with money."According to a report published in the Arab News on Thursday, Saudi Arabia changed its military spending strategy after Trump was elected president in 2016, with 60 per cent of spending with the US over a decade".

The Saudi journalist had raised questions about the state of human rights and freedom of expression in the Gulf kingdom.

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