Netflix plans a choose-your-own-adventure 'Black Mirror'

Netflix to let viewers choose endings of shows like ‘Black Mirror

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Netflix is a good avenue through which to explore how well interactive TV can work for consumers. Kids are stupid, after all, and while adults are sometimes equally dumb they're a lot harder to please.

According to Bloomberg, Netflix is developing shows and movies that will allow the viewer to choose how the storyline progresses. The first of these interactive episodes is expected to be included in the fifth season of Charlie Brooker's anthology series Black Mirror, which is rumored to debut this December. There are no details on the episode that will use the mechanic, but it's fitting that it should be Black Mirror.

And for a show that pretty much deals with the horrific implications that modern technology can have on the human race, the whole thing would be about as meta as it can get.

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This forward step into interactive television by Netflix is part of their plan to become more creative with their programming to appeal to a wider range of audiences. According to Bloomberg, the next lot of episodes will be hitting Netflix this December - perhaps in a similar move to Season 4, which dropped in full on 29 December a year ago.

Previous year we learned Netflix was in the midst of testing out a choose-your-own-adventure format.

Adam Bankhurst is a news writer for IGN who loves Black Mirror and just watched San Junipero and is still recovering from that experience. I could be in the minority here, though, and Netflix is certainly counting on this idea drawing in new customers.

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Blending elements of video games with traditional TV is an interesting concept and the time has arguably never been better to try it given the widespread availability of high-speed Internet, mobile devices with touchscreens and the mainstream popularity of video games. Earlier this year, HBO released their own interactive program.

If you've ever wanted the power to decide how your favorite television show ends, you will soon have that chance.

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