US sanctions Russian, Chinese tech firms over funds…

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley speaks during a United Nations Security Council meeting about implementation of sanctions

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley speaks during a United Nations Security Council meeting about implementation of sanctions

A US Navy ship will reportedly host military personnel from the Five Eyes countries plus Japan and South Korea to monitor foreign vessels delivering fuel to the North in violation of United Nations sanctions.

In fact, however, North Korea's nuclear disarmament started even before the Trump-Kim summit - at Pyongyang's initiative.

During a fractious Security Council meeting which comes on the eve of the inter-Korea summit in Pyongyang, Haley said Moscow had tried to hide "systematic" violations of the 15-member body's penalties on Pyongyang and pressure United Nations experts into altering a report on the implementation of the sanctions.

Some in Seoul and Washington have been concerned that a nuclear deal between North Korea and the United States could lead to a drastic reduction or withdrawal of US troops on the Korean Peninsula.

"Lying, cheating, and rogue behavior have become the new norm of the Russian culture", she said.

Haley leveled the allegations at Monday's meeting after Russian Federation pushed for changes to the U.N.'s independent report on sanctions violations.

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This latest round means that around half of all Chinese imports to the United States are now subject to the new duties. The additional tariffs are on top of penalties enacted earlier this year on $50 billion worth of Chinese goods.

Russia also blocked a U.S. move to blacklist Russian ships allegedly involved in illegal ship-to-ship transfers of refined oil to North Korea.

USA documents sent to the Security Council committee monitoring sanctions against North Korea and obtained by AP cited 89 instances between January 1 and May 30 in which North Korean tankers likely delivered refined products "illicitly procured" via transfers from other ships at sea.

Ma Zhaoxu, China's ambassador to the United Nations and the other traditional defender of the North on the Security Council, warned against military confrontation and expressed hope that the upcoming Moon-Kim summit in Pyongyang will "will yield positive results".

"Why, after voting for sanctions 11 different times is Russian Federation backing away from them?" she said. "And now they've been caught", she said.

Nebenzya claimed that the United States is trying to "impose on the global community their own vision of the situation", and said that the panel of experts had become "increasingly politicized", defending the revisions to the report.

The Security Council has remained united in imposing tougher and tougher sanctions on North Korea, though the differences over the experts' report mark a serious dent in that unity.

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But Nebenzia said Haley put a hold on the report the following day, so it is the United States that is blocking release of the report and "the ball now is in your court".

They also called for the administration to increase its diplomatic efforts to compel all parties to comply with United Nations sanctions.

The sanctions "are not an a la carte menu where each piocherait according to its appetites", said the French ambassador, François Delattre.

Monday's meeting, called for by the United States, came on the eve of a high-stakes inter-Korean summit in the Pyongyang.

Nebenzya went on to say that there is still a "prospect" of the two Koreas signing a peace treaty to formally "end the state of war on the Korean Peninsula". Last month, Trump cancelled Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's planned visit to Pyongyang, hours before the diplomat was due to leave, because Trump felt the talks were not making "sufficient progress", he tweeted.

"Resorting to force will bring nothing but disastrous consequences", Ma told the council.

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