Les Moonves Reportedly Tried to Destroy Janet Jackson

CBS chief executive was reportedly fixated on “ruining” Janet Jackson’s career after Super Bowl

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According to the HuffPo, the whole thing was over that unfortunate moment when Justin Timberlake tore a piece of fabric from Jackson's costume exposing a bit too much to a worldwide audience in 2004.

The CBS CEO is reportedly one to hold grudges - often for years.

Following the incident, the CBS chief reportedly banned the two performers from the 2004 Grammys broadcast airing on the network a week later.

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The Wall Street Journal is reporting that CBS chief Les Moonves is negotiating with independent directors of CBS' board for a possible exit.

CBS boss Les Moonves was "furious" about that Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake 2004 Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction but only wanted to ruin Jackson's career, it's been reported.

In his current position, Moonves oversees all operations of CBS Corp., including the CBS Television Network, the CW network, CBS Television Studios, CBS Global Distribution Group, CBS Films, CBS Interactive, Showtime Networks, CBS Sports Network, Simon & Schuster, CBS Television Stations, CBS Radio and CBS EcoMedia.

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Moonves was allegedly furious that Jackson did not offer a similar apology and ordered properties at Viacom, which was the parent company of CBS at the time, to stop playing the singer's music. The Federal Communications Commission issued a $550 000 fine to MTV and CBS as producers of the half-time show. Timberlake was only allowed to perform after he tearfully apologized for the incident, according to sources. However, Moonves wasn't satisfied with this explanation, and he reportedly spent the next decade undercutting Jackson - a spiteful reaction that significantly damaged the female pop singer's career. He reportedly told another source who spoke to the HuffPo on condition of anonymity that "heads were going to roll" but it is unclear if he ever took action on his alleged threats.

As for Moonves, he is now under investigation for alleged sexual misconduct by lawyers hired by the CBS Board of Directors. Jackson, on the other hand, was apparently not as remorseful as Timberlake, which stirred Moonves' animosity towards her.

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