Bees besiege Times Square

A swarm of bees caused a brief commotion in Times Square after they made their home atop a hot dog stand

A swarm of bees caused a brief commotion in Times Square after they made their home atop a hot dog stand Credit Elizabeth Yannone AP

Officer Michael Lauriano - known as the NYPD's "Bee Guy" - donned protective gear, including a netting over his face, as he stood on a ladder and sucked up the bees with a special vacuum device.

You tend to think of bees as loving flowers, but apparently they're also into a good hotdog.

There was a lot of buzz around New York City.

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The bee swarm was attracted to the vendor in Times Square, according to the Police Department.

Video footage showed bees swarming a hot dog stand in the middle of New York City on August 28. 'We like to keep the families together'.

"Literally, the craziest thing I've seen", said bystander Diego Mendez from New Jersey.

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An NYPD beekeeper vacuumed the bees into a container to be taken to a hive on Long Island, the police said. "It's scary. What's it doing in the middle of town?"

People react to a swarm of bees in Times Square in New York City, U.S., August 28, 2018.

Lauriano couldn't immediately say where the massive group of bees would be taken, but noted that officials will find them a hive. The beekeeper noted that the "very humid day" likely caused the bees to relocate.

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A large section of one of the busiest intersections in the world has been shut down on Tuesday afternoon following a huge infestation of bees.

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