One Juror Kept Prosecutors From Proving Manafort Guilty On All 18 Counts

The jury in the financial fraud trial of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort has sent a note to the judge on the fourth day of deliberations

Trump former aide Manafort found guilty on eight charges

The judge declared a mistrial on the ten other counts.

"It was a very emotionally charged jury room - there were some tears", she said, noting that she didn't believe she was in the company of many other "fellow Republicans".

But even she could see, once the trial got going and Mueller's prosecutors presented their evidence, that Manafort was guilty of money laundering and tax fraud. That juror denied having made up her mind and said she had only been referring to how "it would be really hard to have to defend against" the government's case.

A news anchor who interviewed U.S. President Donald Trump recently said Wednesday evening that the president is considering pardoning Paul Manafort, his former campaign manager who was convicted of bank and tax fraud.

She said the president's administration did come up during deliberations because of testimony that Manafort had tried to secure a White House position for a banker who authorized millions of dollars in loans for him and had lobbied Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Manafort was found guilty on eight counts of committing various financial crimes not related to the campaign.

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The verdict came after four days of deliberations during which the panel of six men and six women indicated it had difficulty reaching a consensus on 10 of the counts.

The jury at the federal court in Alexandria, Virginia asked Judge T.S. Ellis how to fill out a verdict form for a single count if they can not agree on that count.

The transcript shows that jurors were, in fact, questioned individually by the judge, with Ellis providing repeated assurances by telling them his questions were routine and nothing to be concerned about. While the judge kept the jurors' names under seal to protect them, Duncan said she does not feel threatened and wanted to shed light on the case. "There was one holdout".

"I think he feels bad for Manafort. I'm not afraid at all".

Duncan said she was speaking out to inform the public and that she was not concerned about her safety.

"The evidence was overwhelming".

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Duncan, who described herself in the interview as a supporter of President Donald Trump, said the hundreds of exhibits amassed by prosecutors to support the bank and tax fraud case convinced her of Manafort's guilt. "So it was our obligation to look through all the evidence". "We did waste a bit of time with that shenanigans".

Duncan said the unidentified juror expressed "reasonable doubt" and could not be swayed by the rest of the jurors.

"I think we all went in there like we were supposed to and assumed that Mr Manafort was innocent".

Manafort faced the 18 counts of bank and tax fraud in the first case that Special Counsel Robert Mueller brought to trial as part of his wide-ranging probe of 2016 Russian election interference.

In the aftermath, Trump was strangely quiet at a rally in West Virginia, but he came back with a vengeance on Twitter-starting with what might be his first legitimately amusing tweet, followed by much of his usual. It will decided by the Justice Department and Congress and ultimately the American people. Trump exclaimed "no collusion" while decrying the investigation as a "witch hunt".

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