Coconut oil is 'pure poison' that increases cholesterol, says Harvard professor

Dr Karin Michels who also heads up the tumor research center at the University of Freiburg made the statement in a 50-minute talk in German last month

A Harvard professor just busted the myth that coconut oil is good for you, calling it 'pure poison'

This isn't the first time in recent years that experts have attempted to set the record straight.

Contrary to popular belief that it is one of the most healthy oils out there, Karin has urged that this certainly isn't the case and rather recommends people to avoid it.

A lecture by a Harvard professor calling coconut oil "pure poison" has gone viral on YouTube, nearing 1 million views on Wednesday.

In her talk, Michels dispels the myth that coconut oil is healthy by explaining that the oil poses a greater risk to heart health than lard, as it contains high levels of saturated fatty acids - a type of acid which can clog arteries.

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The speech was called Coconut Oil and other Nutritional Errors.

"There has been speculation that some of the saturated fat present in coconut oil may be better for us than other saturated fats, but so far there is not enough good-quality research to provide us with a definitive answer".

Coconut oil is 82 percent saturated fat, and this word of warning caused people all over the country to swear off their coconut oil smoothies and stir-fries.

While this makes coconut oil controversial in the sense of is it healthy or not-health experts say the bottom line is coconut oil is still a saturated fat.

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Michels' comments are not new as the American Heart Association came down on coconut oil in 2017, claiming it was just as high as saturated fats found in butter, beef fat and palm oil.

According to Michels, it is worse than lard and yet a lot of people believe coconut oil to be healthy - with many seeing it as one of the healthiest oils out there. If you do plan on using it in your cooking, make sure you approach coconut oil with strict moderation (as you should other saturated fats) because we know sometimes the bad stuff just tastes so good. "For someone eating 2,000 calories a day, that's about 11 to 13 grams of saturated fat". At this portion, any benefits could easily be negated by the adverse effects of ingesting so much saturated fat. "I've never done one study on coconut oil".

While the AHA did not say that coconut is one of the world's worst foods, Michels did.

In fact, she said, "Coconut oil is pure poison", according to a translation by Business Insider. That study actually injected rats with a synthetic chemical resembling the capric acid found in coconut oil. "There is to date no strong scientific evidence to support health benefits from eating coconut oil".

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In contrast, there are many studies showing that unsaturated fat, especially olive oil, may lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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