NCAA's new proposed rules blindside NBA, USA Basketball officials

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NCAA basketball changes: Undrafted players can return to school |

The group addressed the NCAA, AAU basketball, the NBA and its players' union, for contributing to "a crisis in college basketball (that) is foremost a problem of failed accountability and lax responsibility".

The changes also allow high school athletes more time and latitude in committing to a college basketball team.

College players who declare early for the National Basketball Association draft but are not selected will have the option of returning to school, provided the National Basketball Association makes an expected rule change about draft eligibility, according to the NCAA.

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Players invited to the annual NBA Draft Combine would also be able to enter the draft and return to school with eligibility intact if they go undrafted.

The changes were recommended by the Commission on College Basketball, an independent group formed previous year in response to a recruiting "pay-for-play" scandal that rocked the sport.

Other changes imply there will be tougher penalties for infractions: "Those who break rules face stronger penalties, including longer postseason bans, longer head coach suspensions, increased recruiting restrictions and additional fines", the statement read. Under the rule, agents representing these athletes must be certified by the NCAA.

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Schools would be required to provided tuition, fees and books assistance to players who left early and wanted to return to school within 10 years.

Most of the changes take effect beginning this school year.

Particularly, the NCAA has made some changes to how it will handle the NBA Draft process on its end. To me, maximizing a kid's opportunity to better himself should be more important than protecting college coaches' keeping their rosters tidy in June. The NCAA is establishing a fund to assist schools in this endeavor. Athletes returning to school would have to demonstrate need for assistance. "Division I", NCAA President Mark Emmert said in a teleconference with reporters Wednesday afternoon.

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University presidents and chancellors must contractually agree to cooperate with investigations and infractions process. The NCAA will also add public members to its Board of Governors. It's on us to restore the integrity of college basketball and continue to improve the interests of all student-athletes.

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