Yemen airstrike kills dozens of children, reportedly on a field trip

One dead, several wounded after Saudi Arabia 'intercepts Yemen missile'

Airstrike on children's bus in Yemen kills at least 20

He stressed that the Houthi leaders and terrorist elements responsible for firing ballistic missiles and targeting civilians will be targeted as part of the coalition efforts to prevent terrorist elements from harming regional and global security.

The US State Department called on Thursday for the Saudi-led coalition to investigate the air strikes.

The Western-backed alliance fighting the Iranian-aligned Houthi group in Yemen accused the Houthis of using children as human shields.

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and their allies intervened in the conflict the following March, aiming to push back the Houthis and restore the internationally recognised government to power.

Houthi media broadcast what appears to be graphic scenes of the aftermath, depicting children drenched in blood and burned black by the blast.

"How many more children will suffer or die before those who can act, do by putting a stop to this scourge?"

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"Following an attack this morning on a bus driving children in Dahyan Market, northern Saada, (an ICRC-supported) hospital has received dozens of dead and wounded", the organisation said on Twitter without giving more details.

The Saudi-led coalition later said the airstrikes were aimed at missile launchers used to attack the southern Saudi city of Jiza, claiming its strike constituted a "legitimate action".

An official in Saada's medical office, who wished to remain anonymous, told Middle East Eye the air strikes killed 47 people with 77 more wounded, and that number was likely to rise.

"Central Command was not involved in the air strike in Saada".

Coalition spokesman Maliki confirmed the strike had hit a bus, telling AFP "the elements inside the bus were Houthi combatants".

On Wednesday night, Col. Al-Maliki stated that at (20:34) the Coalition Air Defense detected a ballistic missile launch from Northern Amran in Yemen, aimed at Saudi Arabia.

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The missile was sacked from the rebel-held Yemeni province of Amran towards Jizan, the coalition said.

He added that this operation was "implemented in accordance with worldwide humanitarian law and customary rules".

The war in the Arab world's poorest country has left almost 10,000 people dead and triggered what the United Nations describes as the world's worst humanitarian crisis.

Thursday's attack marks a grim milestone in a war that lately has seen yet another escalation, as coalition-backed Yemeni government forces have made a recent push to reclaim the key port city of Hodeidah from rebels.

"It's hard to believe we live in a world where children should live in fear of such attacks, yet here we are", she added.

Col. Al-Maliki stressed: "The Joint Forces Command of the Coalition will take all deterrent measures against such barbaric, frivolous launches in conformity with the worldwide humanitarian law, and those who support these terrorist crimes will be held accountable for their actions". "Only a political solution can bring the war to an end and reinstate peace in Yemen".

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