Super Smash Bros. Has A Ridiculous Number Of Stages And Music Tracks!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Returns with Castlevania's Simon Belmont and Way More Info

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We'll believe it when we see it. These include Dracula's Castle from the Castlevania series and New Donk City Hall from the Super Mario Odyssey game. History, including those that were offered through downloadable content (DLC) in the past, alongside a couple of new ones, not all past stages would feature in the game.

This news follows today's Super Smash Bros.

Copy of Super Smash Bros.

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The Nintendo Switch first added support for GameCube controllers back in October so players with the Wii U's GameCube controller adaptor could use their preferred method on Switch.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is scheduled to hit store on December 7th just in time for the holidays season. Newer items get a full description, while older ones are limited to their key art. Well, Sonic's friend Knuckles is here too, and so is Krystal from Star Fox, and Shovel Knight, and even frickin' Nikki from the 3DS Swapnote/Swapdoodle apps. The son of Dracula will appear as a particularly fearsome Assist Trophy, attacking in his normal dhampir form as well as turning into mist or a swarm of bats. Ultimate roster! Previously-selected fighters will no longer be available, forcing you to move beyond your favorites as the competition continues.

Ultimate trailer, which also revealed that Simon Belmont was joining the fighting game.

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Stamina Battle is also returning, taking its place alongside Time Battle and Stock Battle as one of Ultimate's standard game modes. Here, players can pick from a 5-on-5 or 3-on-3 elimination battle. Looking forlornly at the staggering surplus of console and PC games yet to be played, he laments the long-ago days of only being able to buy one $70 32-megabyte cartridge and playing it until his hands ached.

Squad Strike is an interesting new mode that allows players to go head-to-head with groups of fighters instead of just one.

What are you most pumped for with the new Smash?

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Finally, we come to Smashdown, which is indeed a very interesting mode. Have you been eagerly awaiting this character? Counting game music tracks and other music, like in-game menus and other short musical passages, there are approximately 900 compositions - that's more than 28 hours of video game music! The training mode now has a grid and displays extensive launch distances.

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