White House plays cleanup on Trump's Sessions tweet, grocery store claim

Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions

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Though the White House insists that the Manafort trial in Virginia on tax and fraud charges has nothing to do with the President - Trump's tweets appear to indicate that he is closely keeping tabs on news coverage of the case.

"This is a awful situation and Attorney General Jeff Sessions should stop this Rigged Witch Hunt right now, before it continues to strain our country any further", read Trump's tweet on Wednesday, August 1.

In a series of tweets that quickly sparked accusations that Trump was publicly trying to pervert justice, the president decried the investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller as "a disgrace". He claimed Mueller was "totally conflicted" and denounced his probe as "a disgrace to US".

Giuliani also told reporters the president's legal team was in the middle of ongoing negotiations with Mueller, as a report in The Washington Post said the special counsel had offered to reduce the number of questions in exchange for a sit-down interview.

In April, the committee approved legislation to protect Mueller but Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell said there was no need to advance the bill because he did not believe Trump would fire Mueller. It would be an arrangement created to shield Trump from providing any evidence of obstruction, and also wipe out several areas of potential perjury when Trump inevitably lied about his conversation with Comey, Flynn, and others.

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Trump has raged privately in recent days that both the forces of government and the media are trying to undermine him.

"Just because @realDonaldTrump obstructs justice in full public view by calling on Sessions to interfere in Mueller investigation doesn't mean it's not obstruction of justice".

"The President can voice his opinion, I don't deny him that ability, in this case I wish he wouldn't I just don't think it helps him", Republican Rep. Chris Stewart of Utah told CNN's Wolf Blitzer.

"These old charges have nothing to do with Collusion - a Hoax!" he said.

Later the president invoked one of the nation's most notorious criminals, 1920s gangster Al Capone, and posed the question "who was treated worse" while airing his grievance about Manafort being held in solitary confinement ahead of a conviction.

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Pompeo ardently defended the administration's policies throughout the three-hour long hearing but would not provide a clear answer to questions about the President's conversation with Putin, despite telling lawmakers he had discussed the meeting with Trump. He suggested that Democrats' perceived detachment from working and middle class Americans' hardships reinforces the mounting impression that only Trump and the Republican Party speak for the downtrodden and left-behind.

The president's social media outburst renewed discussion of the significance of his tweets.

In an interview Wednesday, Trump's lawyers said the president was not ordering Sessions to take any specific action with his latest missive. Giuliani said. "We have every reason to believe they don't have anything". "It's the president's opinion", White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told a news briefing. Earlier this year, Trump blindsided the Defense Department when he tweeted out a transgender ban for the military, prompting the Pentagon to slow walk the program.

In a Tuesday tweet immediately following the start of Manafort's trial, Trump said that charges against his former campaign manager had "nothing to do with collusion" and suggested that any attempt to establish links to Russian Federation was "a Hoax".

Trump's words on Sessions set his lawyers and subordinates scrambling and could become a legal liability as the special counsel seeks to establish whether there was a corrupt motive in any effort by the President to obstruct justice.

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Even as his lawyers rushed to explain what Trump intended, the president continued to tweet about the Russian Federation probe. It could be a much different story under a new Democratic House if the midterms go against the GOP. "There is now highly credible evidence that the president of the United States is committing obstruction of justice in real time, right before our eyes".

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