John Kelly says Trump wants him to stay at White House

Mike Pence speaks to Fox News

Trump marks Kelly's one-year mark as departure rumors swirl | TheHill

President Trump is congratulating White House Chief of Staff John Kelly on his one year anniversary in the position.

About a year later, Kelly is nearly useless, having lost respect among staffers and exerting little control over Trump's impulsive agenda, decisions, and tweeting. That's according to three White House officials Tuesday, who were not authorized to speak publicly about private conversations.

The news that Kelly intends to stay on at the helm of the administration for the long haul comes just a day after Kelly passed the one year mark in the job as the president's second chief of staff.

The retired Marine Corps general was Homeland Security secretary before being asked to succeed Reince Priebus, who resigned from his post.

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Kelly's fate has been a subject of months of speculation as to his standing in the West Wing diminished.

Trump is known as a mercurial boss whose feelings on key staffers can shift rapidly.

The president later mentioned his top aide's service on Twitter with a photo of the two men smiling and standing side by side.

If Kelly survives until 2020, he would be among the longest-serving White House chiefs of staff in American history. "Kelly is essentially calling Trump's bluff", says Sherman. Once Trump's gatekeeper who unilaterally controlled who entered the Oval Office and which ideas could be presented to the president, Kelly now is more of an operational chief and has given up somewhat on policing access to the president.

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A White House official confirmed the report to Breitbart News.

Unwilling to cede control to a powerful chief of staff again, Trump mused aloud to confidants that he might leave the job open, according to the official.

Kelly has told allies that he feels it his duty to serve even if he and the president differ on style and messaging.

If Kelly stays on into 2019, he'll occupy the role during a re-election cycle, which is likely to downsize what already is a weakened role for him. It's a one-man show and no one is getting in the way of Trump's delusion that he's nailing it on a daily basis.

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