Crews battling deadly California wildfire slowed by returning winds

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With more than 20 active fires small and very large tearing across the state, California Gov.

Our crews spent the next 24 hours providing structure defense as the fire devastated the Redding area.

The Carr Fire had grown into the 6th most destructive fire in state history surpassing the 2017 Nuns Fire in Sonoma County.

The Omega Fire's statistics mirrored the Bumper Fire's as of 4:35 p.m. Thursday: 66 acres had burned, and 85 percent containment had been achieved.

Tuesday afternoon winds pushed the two blazes that comprise the Mendocino Complex of Fires farther east, both spreading for at least a mile.

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Meanwhile, 32,000 residents are still evacuated from the fires and more than 1,000 homes have been destroyed.

It has destroyed 1,058 residences, 13 commercial structures and 475 outbuildings and forced the evacuation of up to 40,000 Shasta County residents.

"Fires are now a more apart of our ordinary experience", Brown told reporters.

The fire, which is almost twice the size of Sacramento, was only partially contained after more than a week. "You can expect, unfortunately, that to keep intensifying in California and throughout the Southwest". We're learning as we go.

"So we're going to have to adapt, we're going to change our technology, but in the meantime we're going to spend a hell of a lot of money and there is going to be a lot of unpleasant events and suffering as a result", said Governor Brown.

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"The more serious predictions of warming and fires to occur later in the century, 2040 or 2050, they're now occurring in real time", he said.

As for having the money to fund the firefighting effort, Brown says there are funds available in the budget. "If it does continue, then everybody in the state will be working hard and we're bringing in resources from outside the state", Matlow said.

We at Action News Now are trying to help any way we can. "We're in uncharted territory".

Inmate firefighters usually make up roughly one third of the state's wildfire-fighting crews - that is closer to about a quarter at present as the total deployment includes crews from out of state and overseas - and, in addition to fighting fires, also work on park maintenance, reforestation, and fire and flood protection.

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