Venom: here's the second new trailer, full of Hardy

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Because of the Disney-distributed Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, and Ant-Man and the Wasp, Marvel fans seemingly haven't been over-the-top excited about this year's other high-profile offering: the Sony-produced Venom.

Sony Pictures might have outdone themselves with the latest Venom trailer. His solution? Erase our species and replace it with a new hybrid creature - human and symbiote combined.

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"As you know, as a fan of the character, Eddie Brock and Venom is a unique character within the universe because it's not just a singular experience", Fleischer shared. Outside of the comic book world, many people view Venom as a villain, but that isn't true.

In both trailers, Riz Ahmed's Dr. Carlton Drake gets plenty of time to expound on his position. While that version of the character had to compete for screen time with the film's many characters, this new iteration will focus completely on Brock and his relationship with the alien symbiote.

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Hardy's Brock apologizes at one point for all the havoc that he's created, simply saying, "I have a parasite", after threatening to rip off a man's face, arms, and legs. Here are six things which we noticed nearly immediately in the new Venom trailer. The reluctant hero story is the one that will be portrayed in the upcoming Venom movie. Venom shows him no mercy as he appears to chomp down on him.

Though this new trailer does show us some footage that we've seen before, there's plenty that's new. Venom also stars Michelle Williams, Jenny Slate, and Woody Harrelson and will arrive in theaters on October 5.

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