European Union says farming ‘not part’ of U.S. trade deal, contradicting Trump

European stocks jump as US and EU agree to work towards 'zero' tariffs

Two wildcards remain in markets

The US might sell more natural gas to China and buy fewer washing machines; but it will sell less natural gas to other countries and buy washing machines or something else from Thailand or another country that has avoided the irascible Trump's wrath. Roughly 500 of those jobs were added in March thanks to the tariffs - another 300 are projected to be added by this fall, which is likely what Trump was referring to when he said "far more" jobs than projected would be added here. Many prominent worldwide economists including President Adam Posen of the US Peterson Institute for global Economics also publicly said that today's US government constitutes the biggest threat to the current world economic order.

The Trump administration is using the U.S. trade deficit as an excuse to impose additional tariffs on Chinese imports, and has accused China of economic aggression, using unfair practices to acquire foreign technologies, and violating intellectual property rights.

But many Americans are quite wary of heading down the road toward a transatlantic trade conflict.

In this April 27, 2017, photo, a staff member talks with a visitor at a display booth for Qualcomm at the Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) in Beijing.

If Trump succeeds in using trade wars to bring down European and Chinese trade barriers, he may end up being one of the greatest free-trade presidents in history.

After Trump imposed tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese goods, China responded with retaliatory tariffs on US products, including soybeans. An additional $16 billion of imports is expected to be affected by reciprocal levies soon as well. If the answer is yes, the administration says it could slap 20 percent to 25 percent tariffs on $335 billion of auto imports. Farmers face a almost 20 percent drop in the price of soybean harvests this year and more than 15 percent drop in the price of corn, according to the Association.

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If China intervenes more actively and retaliates more aggressively, the change in the US-China trade balance could be even smaller.

Farmers are right to worry, Barnaby said.

Many farmers and farm-state lawmakers are upset with the move, which has been compared with a flimsy bandage on a deep wound. China and other USA trade partners slapped tariffs on incoming shipments of U.S. soybeans, dairy, meat, produce and liquor.

The trade-war game has been under repercussion between China and the U.S. for months. On Friday, the Dow Jones industrial closed down slightly. "I'm very exasperated. This is serious".

President Donald Trump on Thursday made several false or misleading claims about the steel mill he had traveled to Granite City, Illinois, to visit, as well as about his campaign victory and the economy itself.

There was a deep partisan divide on such action, suggesting that Trump does have the backing of many in his own party. But it was not clear how much face-to-face time he would get with farmers like Recker who say they're already feeling the pinch from Trump's trade war.

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"That isn't how trade negotiations work", Yerxa said. Against expectations and under threat of escalating tariffs, the president of the European Union blinked and, as he said, "made a deal" with the U.S. President Xi Jingping "cannot lose face with his own people by giving in to the United States", Dollar said. A comprehensive agreement that promotes two-way trade would be entirely welcome.

Brad Karmen, of the USDA's Farm Service Agency, said his agency has some work to do in order to get ready for the sign-up for the programs. Trump's threat to limit vehicle imports - a warning largely aimed at Europe - could have wide ranging repercussions for South Africa's successful automobile industry. "They've received conflicting messages depending on who they speak with". Trump's willingness to talk rather than force a confrontation with the European Union may, in part, reflect the fact that a substantial segment of the American public does not support his anti-E.U. statements and actions on trade. Yet any such agreement would require extensive talks over how it would be implemented and verified. But, a trade war is bad for everyone since it means less trade and less business. It imported $130 billion worth of United States products a year ago, so it can place tariffs on those products.

Economists note that Trump's hard-nosed stance on trade runs deep. They'll build relationships with other suppliers, and they may not come back when reality finally re-enters US trade policy.

The critics, she said, "want to see some results - but so does the president".

Many Republican politicians have criticized Trump's new tariffs, and the aid package that he has announced to mitigate the damage.

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They also agreed to increase trade in services and agriculture, including greater USA soy bean exports to the EU. Juncker said the United States had agreed to build more LNG export terminals to increase supplies to Europe.

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