Zoo paints stripes on donkey to make visitors think it’s a zebra

Mahmoud Sarhan poses next to an animal he alleges is a donkey and not a zebra in this

Egyptian zoo ‘paints donkey’ to look like zebra

Officials at an Egyptian zoo are denying allegations that two zebras on display are in fact donkeys painted with black and white stripes.

Student Mahmoud Sarhan put the images on Facebook after visiting Cairo's International Garden municipal park.

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Zebras have black snouts, and are bigger and less donkey-like than the animal in Sarhan's photo.

Mahmoud Sarha posed for a photo with the questionable zebra.

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Some critics noted the "zebra/donkey" had unusual smudges on its face, and did not have clean stripes. We note with some amusement, however, that a conveniently placed Google street view from 2017 exists of the exact location from which Sarhan posted the now-viral picture.

According to the BBC, zoo director Mohamed Sultan has insisted that the animals are not fake. 'It came to us and the other one didn't move, but when he came near to me, I realised from the first look that it was a painted donkey not a zebra.

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However, a veterinarian told news outlet Extranews that he concurred with the disgruntled student, pointing out that real zebras have black snouts, not striped ones. And, a zoo in Henan province in 2013 hoped guests wouldn't notice that its African lion exhibit was actually home to a Tibetan mastiff dog. It wouldn't be the first time that this has happened.

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