UK's May demands new deal from EU on Irish border backstop

Eurosceptics say May

Eurosceptics say May's plans to maintain trade ties with the EU after Brexit betray voters who opted in 2016 for a clean break

The EU has made such a backstop agreement a key component of the UK's withdrawal deal, but Mrs May has rejected the Brussels plan due to the likelihood it would erect a customs border in the Irish Sea. The same member of the press office went on to confirm that they were not entirely sure where within the county that the prime minister would be.

And he complained that his own suggestions for technical solutions to keep the border open had never been "properly examined", but were treated as a "taboo" following the agreement of a backstop arrangement last December.

"It is a matter of frustration and regret that after enjoying the longest period of unbroken devolved government since the 1960s, Northern Ireland has now been without a fully-functioning Executive for over 18 months", the Prime Minister said.

"And as they made clear this week, it is not something the House of Commons will accept either".

"Two years on from the Brexit Referendum and Theresa May has finally decided to make a visit to a border constituency".

"If I can say to her, I know that she wants us to talk about the positives of Brexit and I agree with her, we should be talking about the positive future for this country".

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"We know, and we have the capability to know, what they're doing, and we're going to make sure we do it right", he said.

While the House of Commons debates these texts, the European Commission is analyzing the plan for future trade and customs relations it received from the United Kingdom government, the survival of which depends largely on the response from Brussels.

Mrs May will say she is determined to "complete what we have started" in the Brexit talks, insisting it is possible to agree a "new relationship with the European Union that works in our mutual interest".

"Not simply to fall back onto previous positions which have already been proven unworkable", she will add. "But to evolve their position in kind", she will say, according to the text". "And, on that basis, I look forward to resuming constructive discussions".

After her first visit to the Irish border since the Brexit vote in 2016, she will give a speech in Belfast to reassure the province that it will remain tied to the mainland economically and constitutionally after Britain leaves the EU.

She will also repeat her commitment not to allow the establishment of a hard border in the island of Ireland after Brexit is complete.

"One that sets us on course for a prosperous future, protecting jobs and boosting prosperity".

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While May is trying to convince Brussels to make concessions on Northern Ireland, she is also trying to shore up support in her Conservative Party after her "white paper" proposals sparked cabinet-level resignations last week.

The bad-tempered exchanges between the two leaders came after Ms Jenkyns asked: "Can the Prime Minister inform the House at what point it was decided that Brexit means Remain?"

"People must face up to the hard truth that a Brexit which requires a high degree of permanent alignment to the European Union will not go through this House of Commons".

She told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "We simply can not go on like this".

He told the Commons yesterday evening: "This [amendment] is vital because that is how we get our people and our NHS the medicines they need, it is also important for our pharmaceutical sector".

He warned the Prime Minister not to "make the fatal mistake of underestimating the intelligence of the public, saying one thing to the European Union about what we are really doing and pretending another to the electorate". In my view, it's take this seriously or we are heading for no deal.

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