Giuliani: No Cohen concerns 'as long as he tells the truth'

Trump lawyers call Comey 'Machiavellian' in note to Mueller

Rudy Giuliani says Michael Cohen should cooperate with federal investigators

"We don't know why Cohen is doing what he's doing right now other than the fact that I can tell you he is frustrated, he is infuriated by Rudy Giuliani and feels kind of shunted aside by the person that he was the ultimate loyalist for, who's, of course, the President of the United States", Borger said.

According to NPR, Guiliani said in an interview that Cohen should cooperate with prosecutors, and that "as long as he tells the truth" there would be no negative effect for Trump.

Kim Wehle, a former assistant USA attorney and former associate prosecutor for the independent counsel in the Whitewater investigation, warned on Monday that the on the "fast track to tyranny" if President Donald Trump refuses to testify in special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation investigation.

Rudy Giuliani speaks with ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos on "This Week", July 8, 2018.

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Trump has said he does not see Cohen turning against him.

Mr. Trump has been particularly outspoken about the special counsel investigation on Twitter lately, calling the probe a "Rigged Witch Hunt" on Saturday. In a closed-door interview last month with members of the House Oversight and Judiciary committees, Mr. Strzok said his text messages were simply communications between friends that weren't indicative of the direction of the FBI's work. "Nonetheless, the agents were respectful, courteous and professional".

While he wouldn't tell Stephanopoulos if he would cooperate with prosecutors, he also didn't dampen such speculation, taking issue with some of Trump's criticisms of the special counsel's Russian Federation investigation and even going out of his way to praise the FBI.

"I'm not going to weigh in to this issue and I refer you to outside counsel", she said.

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Cohen, in the interview, also specifically raised the point that he believes the intelligence communities over Trump.

All this comes as Cohen, a man who once said he would take a bullet for the president, has signaled an increasing willingness to cooperate with the special counsel. "This is the most corrupt investigation I have ever seen that the Justice Department is allowing to go forward".

In recent weeks, Cohen has made a number of moves indicating that he's willing to turn against the president if federal investigators from the Southern District of NY or the FBI want him to. "It's hard to believe given all the things that have been shown about how tainted this investigation is".

Cohen in the past has said that the payment was made on his own initiative. Giuliani said Sunday, "I don't know what he has to flip". The reality is, as a prosecutor I was told that many times. "I would love to", the president said in May.

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The Inquisitr recently reported that Giuliani is not anxious about Cohen cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Cohen responded that if he is charged with anything, he would defer to his new lawyer in the case, Guy Petrillo, for advice.

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