Trump attorney says Kim Jong Un 'begged' for summit

Make Palestine kneel like Kim did, Giuliani suggests

President Trump may play golf with Kim Jong Un, if . . .

Mr. Trump did say he has "been preparing for this summit for a long time".

The two options: Seek a freeze on North Korea's nuclear and missile programs through direct engagement, or increase pressure on North Korea through China. "It does strike me as very hard for Kim to give up the only thing that makes him important and that is nuclear weapons", former U.S. deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage told reporters in Tokyo.

"The sanctions and the pressure that was put on by the United States and its allies were definitely. key motivating forces that encouraged him (Kim Jong-un) to consider engaging more, and to come out and have this summit", said Nicholas Fang, director of security and global affairs at the Singapore Institute of International Affairs. He said the talks would start a process to bring about a resolution to the nuclear issue.

But he said he had many sanctions he could use against North Korea, but didn't intend to "because I really think there's a potential to make a deal".

"As you know, that would be a first step".

In a meeting in the Oval Office, Trump said he's "very well prepared". "If they don't denuclearise that will not be acceptable".

Trump continues to follow every development closely and is getting daily briefings from his national security team, he said.

Trump added that he hoped some day United States relations with Kim's secretive Pyongyang government could be normalised. "Perhaps after that negotiation, I will be using it again". "I'm confident we will do our best as hosts. I think we're going to get to know a lot of people that our country never got to know", he said. Any deal reached as a result of the meeting between Trump and the North Korean leader Kim would be brought before the Congress for its stamp of approval so that it can not be reversed by any future administration, said Pompeo, who is spearheading the American efforts for talks with Pyongyang. The 1950-53 Korean War ended in an armistice, leaving the two sides technically at war.

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Pompeo added that he would meet with Chinese, Japanese and South Korean officials after the Trump-Kim summit to brief them on any progress made during the talks. "II think they've been preparing for a long time also".

So now we want to know how the regime did it, and most importantly, who else helped the regime to achieve that goal.

Administration officials indicated that Trump actually was putting in preparation time.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Thursday politely told President Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani to stay in his lane.

"Kim Jong-un got back on his hands and knees and begged for it, which is exactly the position you want to put him in", Mr Giuliani said at a conference in Israel.

Once the US-North Korea summit was initially called off, Giuliani claimed Kim pleaded with Trump so that talks could resume.

So far the Trump administration hasn't taken him up on the offer.

"I'm not able to talk about the details of what we discussed".

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Trump earlier expressed confidence that he is ready for the summit.

In a December 2017 interview with Stephen Colbert, Rodman offered to work as an envoy to North Korea.

Thus, any denuclearization deal with Pyongyang must include giving USA analysts access to North Korea's nuclear records, including information on how the Hermit Kingdom evaded sanctions, who it worked with to obtain nuclear components, and the extent to which it was collaborating with other countries or corrupt officials.

Trump pulled out of President Barack Obama's nuclear accord with Iran over the objections of European allies.

North Korea has rejected giving up its arsenal unilaterally.

But the president also said he's prepared to walk away from the negotiating table if things go poorly.

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