Residents stranded in area of Hawaii cut off by lava

Hawaii volcano- map of affected area

USGS- REUTERSHawaii volcano Latest map of affected area

Lava emerges from the ground after Kilauea Volcano erupted, on Hawaii's Big Island May 3, 2018, in this still image taken from video obtained from social media.

Residents were advised to evacuate by Friday afternoon.

Lava has spread onto roads and into neighborhoods since, destroying property and infrastructure. "They are not only putting themselves into potentially life-threatening situations, but we can't completely lock gates or erect impassable barricades in areas where people have only one way out - these are the routes loiterers are using to gain up-close access".

"They are being asked to leave".

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There are no immediate reports or damage, injuries or fatalities from the quake, which was recorded at around 3.30pm GMT.

Lava from a fissure near the volcano entered Kapoho Bay overnight, forcing billowing clouds of steam into the atmosphere as hot lava hit the cool water of the Pacific Ocean. Kahele said the devastation in the area was unprecedented.

Those in Kapoho - including the Kapoho Beach Lots and Vacationland communities - also were ordered out because of the risk of getting trapped by the lava. Police said a 55-year-old man was arrested last week after he circumvented a traffic checkpoint and crashed his vehicle into a hardened lava flow. A few weeks ago, we managed to get a closer look at the situation when one of the Drone Racing League's pilots, Gab707, captured some aerial footage of the scene.

Besides the lava, there's also the danger of "vog", or volcanic smog.

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Toxic sulfur dioxide gas emissions have created an additional hazard.

In addition to volcanic particles that can cause eye, skin and respiratory irritation, residents were warned to be on the lookout for sharp, thin strands of volcanic glass fibers known as "Pele's hair," a reference to the Hawaiian goddess of fire.

Hawaii Civil Defense Administrator Talmadge Magno told reporters that people needed to stay at least 1,000 feet back from the bay to avoid health effects from the laze, in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency standards.

"Multiple observations from field crews and overflights suggest the Fissure 8 fountain is less vigorous this evening, with maximum heights of 130-160 feet", USGS reported last night.

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The monthlong eruption has claimed as much as a half of a forest reserve that's home to native birds and trees that have already been declining because of disease, state officials said.

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