Bill Clinton: I wouldn’t handle Lewinsky scandal any differently today

Former President Bill Clinton said he couldn't get elected to'anything these days because'I just don't like embarrassing people- in direct response to a question about President Donald Trump's fondness for'personal insults

Bill Clinton Admits Obama Got Better Media Coverage Because He is Black

Clinton made headlines in 1998 after the news of his sexual affair with Lewinsky - who was a White House intern during the time he was president - came to light.

"The suggestion was that I never apologized for what caused all the trouble for me 20 years ago", Clinton said in NY while promoting his new book. "Two-thirds of the American people sided with me and they were not insensitive to that".

Asked if he owed Lewinsky an apology, Clinton during an appearence on NBC News' Today show said: "No, I do not - I have never talked to her".

Clinton said that while he "like [s] the #MeToo movement" - referring to it as "way overdue" - he noted "it doesn't mean I agree with everything".

"The suggestion was that I never apologized for what caused all the trouble for me twenty years ago", he continued. One of the most infamous cases that highlights the need for these conversations is the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky scandal-etched forever in our country's history with the phrase "I did not have sexual relations with that woman". "The apology was public".

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Former President Bill Clinton sat for an interview with NBC's Craig Melvin on Sunday for a Today segment ostensibly about the novel he co-authored with legendary thriller writer James Patterson.

In 2018, Ms Lewinsky discussed the movement in a Vanity Fair essay. But Clinton himself was a controversial president, and as his fictitious hero weathers potential impeachment early on, it draws parallels to his own life as well. "He was 27 years my senior, with enough life experience to know better", she wrote.

Former US president Bill Clinton celebrated the #MeToo movement in a new interview but said that it would have done little to change his response to the scandal that prompted his impeachment.

But Clinton, who has been accused of sexual assault and harassment on multiple occasions by numerous women since he was first elected governor of Arkansas in 1978, faces an increasingly negative spotlight in the #MeToo era. "If the facts were the same today, I wouldn't [resign]". Robert Mueller has yet to tie Trump to anything, but many believe that it is only a matter of time before something comes out about the President.

Asked if he felt he should apologize privately to Lewinsky, Clinton said "No, I do not".

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"The calculation is that you don't even ask them because there is no excitement around them", the Democrat said. "I left the White House 16 million dollars in debt". He later added, "I think I did the right thing".

"You actually owe everyone an apology, especially her", the actress proclaimed.

"I don't think there is a fancy way to say that I have sinned".

The former Democratic president added, "And most people I know believe that the press would have been that hard, or harder".

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