New privacy law forces some U.S. media offline in Europe

Google and Facebook

Google and Facebook

The impending implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law in Europe has stimulated Indian companies to fortify their databases, leading to an upswing in the search for cyber security and privacy professionals. Tronc, headquartered in Chicago, owns some of America's biggest newspapers, including the LA Times, Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News and Baltimore Sun.

People in the bloc have been bombarded with dozens of emails asking for their consent to keep processing their data, and a privacy activist wasted no time in taking action against US tech giants for allegedly acting illegally by forcing users to accept intrusive terms of service or lose access.

The right to be informed - Companies must include some form of privacy notice indicating how they use the personal data of their customers. They are keen for regulators to pay attention. With the complaints against Facebook and others, the data privacy group ("None of Your Business"), which is led by activist Max Schrems, said people were not being given a "free choice" in relation to advertising targeted at them based on an analysis of their data drawn from their social media activities.

Any company in the world having operations in the European Union is liable to comply with the new regulation. Further, EU GDPR explains rules, responsibilities, and law to all online services along with European users. Now that it's finally arrived, here's what you need to know about GDPR, and how you can make these new internet rules work for you.

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"It's a gradual and not a revolutionary kind of thing ..."

Between January 2017 and March 2018, there has also been a spike in the number of job postings for Data Protection roles, which have seen an increase of 143 per cent, while the number of job searches for the same have risen by 188 per cent. It allows European Union residents the right to know how their personal data is being used online and the ability to erase this data.

Could this hint to these other companies' non-compliance? It can be used by websites as part of GDPR compliance.

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg said as he apologised to the European Parliament on Tuesday over the scandal that his firm would be "fully compliant" with the EU law. GDPR articles 13, 14, 15, and 22, for example, refer to instances of automated decision-making that produce "legal" or "similarly significant" effects.

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Now, you can go to the bottom of Twitter's "settings and privacy" menu, then click on "Your Twitter data". All the more that I became interested with this with my recent dealings with my internet service provider accessing my account information without me giving permission or them notifying me that they will do so.

"It's not obvious that you can necessarily migrate the data from your system to somebody else's system", Tanguy Van Overstraeten, of Linklaters, said.

Note: OWI's latest research, "Trust, Safety & Compliance: A Survivor's Guide to GDPR-mageddon", is now available to download.

The right to object - This allows customers to object to their data being processed.

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