Judge sides with parents, boots adult son from NY home

Parents in US sue 30-year-old son as he refuses to move out of their house

Real-Life Failure To Launch Ends With Parents Suing To Kick Their 30-Year-Old Son Out Of The House!

A NY judge has ruled that a 30-year-old son still living at his parents' home must vacate the premises after numerous attempts to get him to leave.

Since Feb. 2, they had given him five written notices telling him to leave.

The parents, living in NY, wrote another letter telling their son to find a job and even offered their son $1,110 (£841) to "find a place to stay".

Michael Rotondo - who argued he should be allowed to stay for a further six months - was urged to move out of his family home in Camillus, New York of his own accord by the judge.

"It seems to me like I should be provided with, you know, 30 days or so.to have to vacate the premises", Rotondo told WTSM.

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The family's home in Upper State New York. The parents' lawyer, Anthony Adorante, told Syracuse.com that the couple has been having trouble with Michael and ran out of other options.

The parents filed an official eviction petition May 7. Rotondo, who is a single parent of a son, claimed he was promised he wouldn't have to work on Halloween in 2015 and that he was reprimanded and eventually terminated when he didn't show up that day.

Mr Rotondo said that his parents said he could stay with them eight years ago after he lost his job.

"I'm granting the eviction, I think the notice is sufficient", Judge Greenwood said. That letter started an eviction process that's lasted three months and traveled from their local court to their county's top court, according to media reports.

According to the Post-Standard of Syracuse, the judge rejected the demand as outrageous.

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Michael Rotondo was first asked to leave back in February and several times since through letters he allegedly ignored.

Y'know that one friend who absolutely refuses to move out of home, no matter how awkward it gets as they try to live as a fully fledged adult while still under their parents' roof?

A judge has ordered a 30-year-old man in NY state to move out of his parents' house, after a short legal battle.

To be fair, Baldwin asked why he just doesn't move out tomorrow if he doesn't like living with his mum and dad - which is a pretty stupid thing to say.

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